Category: Domestic Violence and Abuse


Forgiveness -Copyright 2016 Diana Rasmussen- Forgiveness doesn’t mean that I accept what you did to me Forgiveness means I let go of taking vengeance against you Forgiveness means I trust my God to deal with you because He told me, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay.” Forgiveness means I don’t have to think about you…

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I See the Scars

I ran into a girl the other day with scars on her arms. My heart dropped. I know what that feels like to have no hope. To take the pain that you are feeling out on yourself. To sit in the bathroom with the door locked  and just sit on the floor rocking back and…

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Jesus the Wonderful Counselor

There are some things that only God can heal. He knows. He saw what happened. Only He can heal the brokenness in our spirits, soul, and body.  We had a wonderful Bible Study today on Jesus the Wonderful Counselor. The whole body of Christ looked up verses and shared how Jesus is our Counselor. It…

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