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10 Quotes on Spiritural Warfare

This world is not all there is. There is a whole new realm of reality. The Heavenlies. Here is where the angels and demons fight.  Our prayers and worship can invade this place, and move mountains! As children of the King of Kings, we have been made new and adopted into a new Kingdom. Our…

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The Sickness That God Delivered You From Might Try to Come Back.

Sickness. Illness. We live in a fallen world with sin and sickness everywhere. But our God delivers. Jesus came to seek and to save the lost and He heals them ALL. Now it might be here, or it might be on the other side, but He heals them ALL. “Then great multitudes came to Him,…

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Bride of Christ Arise

Bride of Christ Arise ~Copyright 2015 Diana Rasmussen~ I was praying in the spirit Seeking my daily bread When the mighty Voice of Waters Spoke to me and said: “Bride of Christ Arise Come up into the Heavenly skies Sit down next to me And tell me what you see” I can see His glory…

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Jesus Is Lord

Jesus is Lord today and everyday. He is God of everything above and below the earth. He rules the Heavens and the Earth. And at the Name of Jesus every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that JESUS IS LORD! We are doing something different this year for Halloween. We will not be handing…

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Stop the Voices in Your Head

Have you ever heard voices in your head? No I am not crazy.  But I do know that not all voices are good – and sometimes we just need to tell them to shut up.  Especially the accusing voice.  The voice that likes to condemn, and put down, and talks about how unworthy you are.…

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Living in Kingdom Authority

Have you ever seen someone have authority and not use it? Like if there was a car accident and a Doctor just drove by. Or if there was a shooting at a restaurant, and the Police Officer kept eating. Or if there was a Minister and he was so caught up in his own issues,…

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