15 Quotes About How to Set Healthy Boundaries

Have you ever read the Boundaries Series by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend? I have to say that this is one of the best books I have ever read. As a former victim of Domestic Violence I had no idea what a boundary was or how I could set one. I never said NO! I had no idea when to say YES and … Continue reading 15 Quotes About How to Set Healthy Boundaries

Fences, Boundaries, and Relationships

When I say todays Daily Prompt I remembered this wonderful series on boundaries.  I had to learn what a healthy relationship looked like as I was always the one  getting walked on. I seemed to say yes to everyone and everything. “Yes, I would love to get that for you… Yes, of course I want to do that… Yes, I would love to take you … Continue reading Fences, Boundaries, and Relationships

Guard Your Heart (Boundaries – Part 5)

More from “Boundaries”.  This lesson was the one that did it for me.  After reading/hearing this lesson, I finally understood what I was doing  that attracted the “thieves, robbers, and abusers”.  But, there is hope, thank you God, I can be taught!  Today I can say NO, today I can enforce consequences and protect myself! Today I know what to look for, and what to … Continue reading Guard Your Heart (Boundaries – Part 5)

What’s Within My Boundaries (part 4)

Today we will look at what is within our boundaries.  What do we have responsibility for?  Seriously, I had to learn this.  I was so busy taking care of others in my life that I did not “own” my own thoughts, feelings, or behaviors.  I am grateful that I got this through my thick head!  Life is much easier and more peaceful for me now. … Continue reading What’s Within My Boundaries (part 4)

God and Boundaries (part 3)

So far this week we have looked at Boundaries – When to Say Yes and When to Say No and Good in and Bad Out. Today we are looking at God and Boundaries The concept of boundaries comes from the very nature of God.  God defines himself as a distinct, separate being, and He is responsible for himself.  He defines and takes responsibility for his nature by telling … Continue reading God and Boundaries (part 3)