The Sparkle in You

I recently started watching Greenleaf, a movie produced by Oprah Winfrey about church.  I love the drama. I love the humanness and all the real truth about people. We all sin, we all fall short of the glory of God.  But God…forgives us of our sins if we repent and be baptized in Jesus Name. There is a new life that begins and an old … Continue reading The Sparkle in You

Just Keep Planting

I admit it, I have been in a dry season lately. Sometimes I get tired of fighting life and just hibernate. I know, not the best idea. But let’s get real, has that ever happened to you? When I look back over my life I can think of numerous times I have felt this way. I try to wish it away, listen to motivational preachers, … Continue reading Just Keep Planting

Wall of Fire Prayer

During times of trial and suffering, it helps me to remember what God said about himself. Who did he say He would be when I am in the firey furnace going through stuff I have no idea how to figure out? God promised to be a hedge of fire around us and the glory within us. “For I,’ declares the Lord, ‘will be a wall of … Continue reading Wall of Fire Prayer

Stand Strong in the Storms of Life

Life can be a storm sometimes. Sometimes it seems like storms come for no good reason. Life doesn’t always make sense. I have had one of those months. I had the flu and was out of work for 4 days. One of my kids was in an accident due to the winter road conditions and my truck got totaled. They were ok, thank God. God … Continue reading Stand Strong in the Storms of Life

God Stays the Same When the World is Falling Apart

It has been a hard week. I have seen newborn babies born and saying in ICU. I have seen a friend have a family member diagnosed with cancer. A friend has her husband hospitalized. A baby went to surgery this week. A teenager attempted suicide. Teens have had anxiety attacks. There is one thing that gets me through weeks like these. God is faithful. He … Continue reading God Stays the Same When the World is Falling Apart

Trusting God and Letting Him Finish 

Have you ever been interrupted? Working on something you love and then bang – something comes up and you have to pause a moment. Life happens. I wonder how God feels when we try to finish what He started in us?   Recently I am learning to stop, pray, and trust God. I’ll admit it, sometimes I try to finish what God started in me. … Continue reading Trusting God and Letting Him Finish 

Stand Through the Trials

I would like to share with you my testimony of the strength of Love. My husband and I have both been married before. Nobody said it would be easy. In fact the odds were against us. We both have kids from previous marriages. And the ‘fun’ with the ex’s – yeah right. Yet in spite of everything God was and still is faithful. He has given … Continue reading Stand Through the Trials

He Brings Out the Bound into Prosperity

Psalm 68:4-6  Sing to God, sing praises to His name; Extol Him who rides on the clouds, By His name YAH, And rejoice before Him.  A father of the fatherless, a defender of widows, Is God in His holy habitation.  God sets the solitary in families; He brings out those who are bound into prosperity; But the rebellious dwell in a dry land.     If … Continue reading He Brings Out the Bound into Prosperity

Love Blooms

Love Blooms ~Copyright 2015 Diana Rasmussen~ Through the highs and the lows my love for you grows through the trials and fears happiness sown in our tears hope springs up like a spring shower pours down faithfulness blooms When we’ve pushed our way through the dirt and all of the hurt our love forever blooms Joy of the Redeemed The desert and the parched land … Continue reading Love Blooms

Recycled Hearts

Feeling Empty? Feeling like Trash? Did someone throw away your heart? Is your container empty? Have you lost hope? Do you wonder what happened? Lift your head my friend – the King of Glory is coming into your situation to heal your heart and restore your life. There is hope. Let Him love on you today.  RECYCLED HEARTS ~Copyright 2015 Diana Rasmussen~ God is a … Continue reading Recycled Hearts