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I See the Scars

I ran into a girl the other day with scars on her arms. My heart dropped. I know what that feels like to have no hope. To take the pain that you are feeling out on yourself. To sit in the bathroom with the door locked  and just sit on the floor rocking back and…

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I See

I See -Copyright 2016 Diana Rasmussen I see the scars upon your arms My heart skipped a beat as I thought of what I could say To take away the pain that brought you to that place How I wish I could change the things that you’ve been through I’m here today to sit and…

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I Cut Today – a Poem Inspired by TWLOHA (Trigger Warning)

When I saw the Daily Prompt today, I knew I needed to share this poem.  I have known many cutters in my life. You can tell it in their eyes, not just the marks on their bodies.  From what I have learned, it is a way that someone in intense pain reacts in a moment…

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