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Jezebel Abuses Grace

The spirit of Jezebel loves to control others and take advantage of any situation. I have know many people in my life who have displayed this type of personality. You know the type:  their way or the highway, always two faced, constantly a drama queen. They love to be the center of attention and will…

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I Have A Date With Grace

When the enemy whispers lies in your head – reject him and remind him: “I have a date with grace.” When a friend betrays your confidence – forgive them and remind yourself: “I have a date with grace.” When despair and hopelessness knock on the door to your soul- refuse to let them in and…

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God Delights To Bless You

Originally posted on Pure Glory:
by Apostle Gabriel Cross I believe God is jumping over you, ’cause I believe, “This is it!” “…Let the LORD be magnified,” who takes pleasure (jumps up and down over you) his servant (this is you) prospering. This is it! (Psalm 35:26) He delights to bless you more than you…

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Blessings Will Come to You

Another Life Lesson for Ms. D on the farm.  Just sitting on the porch one morning and a whole flock of blackbirds just flew in and landed right in front of me. They came from the trees, the sky, the ground. They were literally everywhere! I sat in awe watching. More and more, the grass…

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Against All Odds She Met Grace

The victim becomes the victor. The girl that got abandoned, betrayed, and abused becomes a Child of the King. Adopted by the King of Kings. Against all odds, she makes it. Why? Because God is with her. And she trusts Him. He delivered her. He came into the darkness and led her out. He didn’t…

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