Rewrite the Ending to Your Story

Do you like to read?

Have you ever read a book and got all the way to the ending only to be disappointed with the way the Author finished the story?

What if you could rewrite the ending of your story?

Is it time to fan the flames and rekindle the fire of your dreams?

These are questions I am pondering today.  I have been sitting still for too long. Waiting, and waiting, and wondering.  Yes I have prayed. Yes I have listened. But sometimes I think God just wants us to stop trying to understand everything and just GET UP!  I truly believe He will heal us on the journey, on the way.

Water that stops moving turns green and yucky. The current keeps things fresh and gets rid of the debris.  Let the river flow! I guess my point is, sometimes I get stuck in thinking, “things will always be this way.” That is just not true.  God has always lead me out of the darkness and into the light.  But sometimes I feel like I am squinting because I have been in the ‘cave’ so long. Know what I mean?

Yes, I have accepted many things in this life – more than I should have. And it cost me – a lot.  I said yes to things I never should have. I wasted years of my life following deadbeat guys around to nowhere.  I didn’t follow my heart. I didn’t follow God. I followed a really sick man – well, men – for many, many years. But that is water under the bridge, I can’t change it, I can’t go back. But I don’t have to stay stuck in my memories either. We made it, but now what?

Truthfully, I gave up on dreaming a long time ago. Yeah, really. Plan A, B, and C didn’t work, so I guess I threw in the towel. When you live one crisis to the next, there is little time to dream. When you are working 3 jobs just to support the kids cause the ex won’t, you get a little too tired to dream. Life got in the way. But things are changing! Hallelujah, thank you Jesus! A new season is upon us my friends. And I for one, want to start to dream again. I want to look forward to good things from God in my future instead of looking back with regret. Turn around, repent – for me that means I need to look FORWARD to GOOD things. Now that’s a change, lol!

And yes, I am getting older. I do more thinking and reflecting now than when I was younger.  But hey, I am not dead yet, lol! And my story is not over yet – and neither is yours! God is still writing, and He is still using us to create beautiful and amazing things. Lets fan the flame. God isn’t done with us yet – we are still breathing.  Ignite your dreams again. Believe in a future again. I dare you!

What are the dreams in your heart?

What are your goals?

What would you like to do with the next chapter?

So, let’s play.  What 3 things would you write in the next chapter of your story?

3 new endings to my story:

  1.  I would go to Nashville with my husband. We never had a Honeymoon. I want to live and breathe music from the heart of Nashville.  My husband and I play music together all the time – it would be fun! And this girl has to get a Cowboy Hat and some boots. And go horseback riding again. And we would have to take another trip to take the kiddos. I never really got to take my kids on a vacation. After a divorce, you do the best you can with what you have.  I am not complaining, I love all my kids. I just wish I had more opportunity to show them the world.
  2.  I would probably move.  I like the town we are in, but this broken down farmhouse has me depressed. It needs a new roof, the ceilings are leaking, new windows, new electrical. And seriously, it only has a shower.  I am a girl. I need a bathtub.  I must have been nuts thinking I could live without a bathtub.  I love the land. Maybe we should tear it down and start over. Yeah I know. Need the money first.
  3.  I would travel. I want to go and meet my music buddy tmv from PA. I want to go say hi to Nathaniel and Kelly and their new baby.  I would love to go hear Nashville Joe’s poems, and I really want to go hear Penny Towers sing too, and Dianne MacAdam – she rocks!  And Cyndi, and Peter, and the other Peter, and DeDe, and Darius, and Kathy Meyers, and Chameleon,and Kenney, and you too!  Wow we really need a jam session! And then there are all my blogging friends – Susan, Cheryl, Tami, Seeker, Loopyloo, Laura, Skye, Ana, Dawn, Morgan, Harry, Wendell,  Secret Angel, Natalie, Debbie, and Deborah, and Apostle Cross, and Patty B, Karina, the Warrioress, Steve, and you!  I have way too many friends all over the world!  Wouldn’t it be fun to get together?

Leave me a comment, let’s dream together today. What are your 3 alternative endings?

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  1. Hey my sweet sister!! I am playing “catch up” on emails tonight and just saw this one. Awesome post! Rewriting our endings… if we could have some re-do’s but the list seems endless. I agree with you for sure on the traveling. Meeting up with you is definitely on my bucket list and watching you perform our song, Walking Wounded, in Nashville would definitely be on the list. Also, traveling around the world, speaking out about abuse and starting safe houses would and is still on my list. Our prayers have not all been answered yet but God still has them in his hands. I am praying for Kingdom Justice for both of us and that what the enemy has stolen from us, God will bless us exceedingly and abundantly beyond our imaginations. Our endings are not written yet. God bless you, my precious sister!!

      • No, my dear sister… You are. You are an inspiration to all! I can never repay you for all that you have done for me. I pray for God’s abundant blessings to be poured into your life! Much love and ((hugs)) coming to you, sis!

  2. I love this, Diana! I was just reading and thinking about what Jesus said . . .the things which are impossible with men are possible with God. (Luke 18:27). :). There you go! Go forth with God!

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