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Overview of Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence. Abuse. Families are being torn apart. Children are caught in the middle. I remember one of the things that drove me nuts when I was living in domestic violence is how the Abuser used the children as pawns. It was like a big game. “Go tell your mother this. Go tell your mother that.” Then he would force them to sit down and listen to him “preach”. “Do you know what she did today? Isn’t she stupid?” Blah, blah, blah. A narcissist pretending he was God and ‘laying down the law’ of how things were going to be. Until tomorrow. Then the rules would change. And it would happen all over again.

Wow, I don’t miss those days. And I’m sure my kids don’t either. He is not God. He is an Abuser looking to manipulate. Power and control…it’s all about power and control.

If you need help, call the HOTLINE today. This is not normal. It’s domestic violence, it’s abuse and it’s illegal.

From: http://www.thehotline.org
From: http://www.thehotline.org

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Overview of Domestic Violence, A Dangerous Trend Report Released by NoBullying Today (via PRWeb)

Overview of Domestic Violence, A Dangerous Trend Report Released by NoBullying Today – http://nobullying.com/overview-of-domestic-abuse/ Overview of Domestic Abuse Domestic Violence kills; it breaks families and ruins the mindset of children and teens…

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More Lies from the Abuser

Lies piled on lies. I’m not feeling very joyful today. Guess it’s time for a ‘rant.’ I am so tired of the lies. My ex, the abuser in my past, keeps lying. He is not a part of my life, with the exception of the kids we had together. I have full placement and full custody. Yet, he still has visitation rights. Yipee. Now I know he is their father but why won’t he treat them better than he treated me? I really get mad when he lies to them!

Long story short, he thought he would play the ‘hero’ a year or so ago. He bought the kids both iPhones. They already had phones. It cost me $300 to cancel that contract. And he paid their phone bill for about a year. Or come to find out, his new girlfriend did. Yep, he takes kids to Disneyland, buys two new vehicles, gets a new house, new furniture. And here we sit again – no child support and more lies.

Well, girlfriend #1 must have caught on. I tried to warn her. But guess what? Big surprise. He took money from her too. I recently found out that he got a judgement and garnishment for $5000 from the girlfriend. It’s on CCAP. He told the kids he broke up with her. Yeah right.

Then he goes and gets another girlfriend. And she funds his ‘business’ for another 6 months. Until she gets the garnishment from girlfriend #1. Girlfriend #2 pays him with a rubber check. NSF. She probably wised up and stopped payment on the check. Why do I care? I don’t. But now he doesn’t pay the kids phone bills and their phones get turned off. And he has told them everyday that, “I’ll turn them on tomorrow.” Yeah right. It’s been almost 2 weeks now. But you know, he will turn them on tomorrow, as he calls on HIS new phone. Lies. All lies. And he is blaming it on the check. Like the check is alive and it’s all the checks fault.

And I get to pick up the pieces. And I get to go buy new trackphones. With time. I don’t want to commit to another contract and have to do that again. Great. Once again mom gets to fix it. While he sits and blames everyone else and piles up the lies. I am so sick of this I could just puke. Sociopath

Image Source: http://virtualtreasures.hubpages.com/hub/Sociopathic-Tendencies-Pathological-Lying

New Book Snow White Darkness Released Today

Snow White Darkness

New Book SNOW WHITE DARKNESS Released Today!

“Smothered by control

a tormented soul

trapped in his castle

Her tears rolling mist

proof she exists

in Snow White Darkness”

©2014 Diana Rasmussen

Smothered by control, she runs to hide and locks herself behind the door. She starts rocking herself on the cold bathroom floor as she lays her secrets out like rock hard stones. He is outside the door pounding his fists quoting his Bible. He screams, “You must obey!” She grabs the razor at the side of the tub, then looks away.

Diana Rasmussen takes you behind the locked door to see what it’s really like when you live in domestic violence. As a survivor she fought for her and her children’s freedom and won. Theses poems are from her private journals and many have become songs. Fans have called her words “haunting, powerful, and edgy”. See for yourself, and come into her nightmare in SNOW WHITE DARKNESS.

Yep, Thanks to all of you for encouraging me to do this!  This is a collection of my ‘dark’ poetry from the trenches.  I would like to use part of the proceeds to benefit other victims of Domestic Violence.







Merry Go Round

Merry Go Round

Copyright 2013 Diana Rasmussen

Plastic horses
With painted smiles
Stuck on a pole
Going up and down
Traveling around
In a circle
Going nowhere
Forever chasing
Each other
Without ever
Reaching a
What’s so
Merry about
This go round?

From: http://wallpaper-backgrounds.net/merry-go-round-wallpaper/

photo from: