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Too Many Tears

There are days that the losses of so many in the world just bring tears. So many lives lost for no good reason. May the God of all comfort hold us close tonight.

Especially T – who list her sister at 911.

And my brother and sister and I who lost our Mommy 4 years ago today.

Help us all Lord.

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God. – 2 Corinthians 1:3-4 NIV


Beautiful new vocals to this song by Julia Schmidt, and a new mix from Nathaniel Jones of Protilius Productions!

Source: Connect to Independent Music


©2014 Music and Lyrics by Diana Rasmussen
Vocals by Julia Schmidt
Timbre Design,Engineering and Produced by Nathaniel Jones of Protilius Productions

“Raindrops fall from the sky because the clouds can no longer hold them”

There are tears my heart can’t hold
falling down soaking the ground

Water from my soul releasing pain
It’s our cry to begin again

You wept when I wept
You cried when I cried

From a secret place I see your face
Your raindrops are tears
Sent from above pouring out love
Your raindrops are tears

Drench my hurt heal my pain
You can call me by a new name

Soak the trees, heal all things
that are precious to a King

From a secret place I see your face
Your raindrops are tears
Sent from above pouring out love
Your raindrops are tears

You wept when I wept
You cried when I cried

From a secret place I see your face
Your raindrops are tears
Sent from above pouring out love
Your raindrops are tears

Diana Rasmussen

Lyric Credits
Music Credits Diana Rasmussen & Nathaniel Jones of Protilius Productions
Producer Credits Protilius Productions
Performance Credits vocals by Julia Schmidt, Music and lyrics by Diana Rasmussen & Nathaniel Jones of Protilius Productions



Rain on Me

Here is a song and video from my friend Pat Flanakin. We met on Broadjam – a great place for musicians to share their music, get licensed, learn more, and a just have fun. Pat is a country musician from Nashville, TN. He reminds me of James Taylor. And his lyrics are amazing. 

I still remember the first time I heard this song. It struck something deep in my soul. The tears started falling. And I didn’t even know why.  Sometimes there are songs that unearth hidden pain so that it can be healed. Hurts that have been locked away for years. Buried. And then God uses a song to heal that place. RAIN ON ME is one of those songs for me.

I confess, there are places in my heart that are barren and that need the water of the Lord to bring them back to life.  I am ready – to dance in the showers, for hours and hours.  Great song, and great video Pat!


RAIN ON ME ©Pat Flanakin

VERSE A desert wind can turn a stone to sand
And strip your soul of ev’ry dream you’ve ever had
And leave you with nothin’ but this barren land
Rain on me

VERSE A thousand mountains stand before my eyes
They hide the ocean on the other side
But I can smell the water and I can taste the tide
Rain on me
And let me taste the water
Water is what I need

CHORUS Come on you’ve got to rain on me
And let me taste the water
Water is what I need

VERSE California I don’t understand
You keep your treasures in your fisted hand
And you can make a beggar out of an honest man
Rain on me
Let me taste the water
Water is what I need

CHORUS Rain on me
And let me dance in the showers
For hours and hours

BRIDGE Oh I’m dying for just a drink
So let it rain down on me.

CHORUS You’ve got to rain on me
And let me dance in the showers
For hours and hours

CHORUS Come on you’ve got to rain on me
Let me taste the water
Cause water is what I need

Song Length
Rock – Easy Listening
Tempo / Feel
Slow (71 – 90)
Lead Vocal
Male Vocal

Subject Matter


Lyric Credits
Pat Flanakin

Music Credits
Pat Flanakin

Producer Credits
Pat Flanakin

Performance Credits
Pat Flanakin



And if you would like to

you can purchase Pat’s CD LUCKY at CD Baby!


Prayer Request and Music Opportunity for You by Peter Olach

Yep.  I am calling all Singers. Do you need a music track? Are you looking for a Composer? Someone who will treat your music with the love and respect it deserves? Today I am promoting one of my friends from Broadjam, Peter Olach.  He is an accomplished musician and composer with many more gifts.  And he is a friend in need.  I was bragging on all of you this weekend.  Yep, I told him I have met the most wonderful community of compassionate and caring people here at WordPress.  I would not be where I am today without all of your encouraging words, blogs, comments, and conversations.

Peter has begun his own media company called PGO Media Services. He also makes videos with music if you are looking for a special gift or remembrance video.  Here is one he did for Diane McAdam called “Hold On”

PGO Media Services is offering fully produced and mastered song beds for lyricists, singers and songwriters. The first offering includes a baker’s dozen collection of fully mastered contemporary Country song beds. Our Competitive Pricing begins @ $200. And, if you’re looking for a vocalist to complete your song, we can help you locate the perfect male or female vocalist.

And here is why Peter needs our help today.  I asked him to share a few words about his struggle.  We all have struggles.  We all need each other.

There are angels amongst us. You can find them washing dishes and folding laundry while tending to a family meal. They might be volunteers at the local soup kitchen or a teacher’s aide at your local school. Perhaps they sing in the choir or teach a Bible class before Sunday Service. Most important, and no matter the distance or time, they are your neighbor, your friend, family member, possibly mentor and quite often a caregiver. And, they do all this to the best of their ability and life’s station, with little fail.


WHY? Because it is their God Given Nature. A living gift from Him to us. They are the earth-bound angels who are given the desire to reach out and remind us: Help is there when we truly need; but only if we ask and are willing to seek that Blessing.


My challenge is not unlike yours and thousands of others. Yet my dear friend and earthly neighbor (perhaps angel), Diana, responded with honest concern, kindness and a suggestion for healing, “share a story or what you feel comfortable sharing about your struggle.”


Diana I am not comfortable with reaching out like this yet I do struggle. I, like too many, struggle with just the basic needs for health and shelter. My calamity is so small in comparison to so many others. I am seeking to raise $2000 in the next few weeks to normalize my life, to pay what I owe for services provided by others. And, to post a small surplus of $500 savings against “future surprises” whether health or finance.


To that end I am selling my work assets. Studio microphones and one mastering headset have already been sold and applied. I will post my guitar on Ebay and Craigslist this coming morning to further the cause. I have some memorabilia that a friend will photograph so I can add that to the generation of dollars.


I do this because I have a hiatal hernia combined with acid reflux and gastritis. On the upside; no, I am not dying, (at least not anytime soon.) The endoscopy procedure and biopsy sample showed that in due time I will continue to heal. No cancer, no ulcers, nor infections. God made me a tough old bird.


Downside – the meds, (while they work their prescribed miracles) make proximity to the bathroom an absolute must. So far, no employer wants to grant me bathroom breaks every 15 to 30 minutes. And, music continues to be my trusty companion. With 40 years of love and experience as my guide, I recently produced a series of music beds for singer/songwriters to make their own. The project is called PGO Media Services. So, far I have sold three song beds including mixing and “final” mastering services. Diana has offered to embed a link that might afford you a listen to the remaining twelve music beds in this series.


I welcome your comments and participation. In closing, I am reminded of a secular appraisal of where musicians fit in the “Plan”. From the work of Kahil Gibran, this one explanation has always warmed my heart.


“God respects me when I work. And, He loves me when I sing.”



God Bless and thank you, Diana, for allowing me to express myself.

~ Peter G. Olach of  PGO Media Services


Here are the Music Tracks Peter has for sale. Get yours today!

Feel free to contact Peter directly at:



Ms. D Made it to the TOP 40!

Yep, One big songwriting competition every year – hundreds of musicians and songs…

Every year Broadjam offers a Competition that is judged by our peers.

This year I made it into the TOP 40!  We have one week until we find out who makes the TOP 20…I’m biting my nails already, lol.

I am grateful, and blessed.  Alot of these musicians are my friends.  Broadjam is a great place to meet other musicians and get feedback on your music.  I would recommend this site to any musician.  You can sign up for free!

From Wickpedia:

Broadjam is a US-based music community website, founded in September 1999. The service is aimed primarily at independent musicians. Users can interact with other artists, enter contests, and collaborate with peers through email, reviewsblogs and other social networking tools. Broadjam also works with related industries to provide various licensing opportunities, including placement in filmsTV showsadvertising campaigns andvideo gamesradio play and professional reviews.

Broadjam claims to be one of the world’s largest web communities catering to independent musicians.The site has an online database of over 500,000 searchable songs and is home to approximately 110,000 artists from all over the world.

The company was founded by Roy Elkins with assistance from Stephanie Essex Elkins, a former corporate sales and marketing executive,classical singer, and classical music radio deejay, with the intention to provide promotional services for unsigned musicians. The company is based in Madison, Wisconsin. Roy was formerly the Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Sonic Foundry.

Broadjam offers a variety of services for artists to gain exposure and feedback. Musicians make up the bulk of the site’s membership. Broadjam also offers template-based hosting services to help members create their own website.

Broadjam holds a variety of sponsored contests that aim to expose and reward exceptional musicianship and songwriting. Broadjam hosts a “Song of the Month” contests every month. Artist reviews and a scoring system based on “Good”, “Better”, or “Best” are used to determine a winner.

Members can submit their songs for radio play, professional reviews, or placement in films, TV shows, commercials, and video games.

Music supervisors for film and television can utilize Broadjam to provide music for feature films, TV shows and commercials.

Members are able to give one another feedback through a reviewing mechanism by choosing to review songs in a specific genre or simply review random songs from the entire site. The highest rated songs are presented in the Broadjam “Top 10s”. Broadjam has over 200 different Top 10 charts sortable by genre, region, production style and reviewer demographics. All Top 10s are based on a number of factors such as song plays, downloads, reviews and star ratings, all of which is calculated daily.

Broadjam offers hosting services to premium members. The service allows artists to host their existing sites or create one using templates.

Artists have the option to mark songs for download in the MP3 file format. Members can browse the Broadjam library by genre, region, production, or based on “fan picks”.

Here are the prizes:

Broadjam Blogs – The 7th Can.

How The Contest Works

The Broadjam 6-Pack Songwriting Competition consists of six individual songwriting challenges, each with its own unique theme. You can make as many submissions to as many challenges as you’d like and you can track the progress of the competition by following the 6-Pack Leaderboard (which is updated hourly) and the progress of your own submissions as well.

The results are determined by the participants and other paid Broadjam members. For any given challenge, you will be presented with sets of three random songs submitted to that challenge. You then listen to all three songs and rank them on a “Good, Better, Best” scale.

The finals are about acknowledging the 40 songwriters who consistently submitted successful songs to the competition.

Custom prize packages will be awarded to multiple winners in each category. The overall top 20 will move on to the finale.

Steinberg Finals

  • After the 6-Pack Songwriting Competition is complete the Top 40 songwriters will advance to the Steinberg Finals. This group will then be cut down to the Top 20 songwriters through peer review and will advance to the final elimination rounds.

Hold On

Here is a great video and song by 3 of my friends from Broadjam: Dianne MacAdam, Nathaniel Jones, and Peter Olach (their links are below)  – Awesome song and video! I need to remember this – HOLD ON!


I’m tired of pulling weeds
I’ve been here on my knees
But they keep coming back (they keep coming back)

No matter how I try
To light my darkened sky
It always turns to black (it always turns to black)

I need to get away
From all these debts to pay
I’m living in the red (so tired of this debt)

Fingers about to break
Can’t seem to cure this ache
I’m clinging to the ledge (don’t know if I can)

It’s all I can do
To Hold On

And I can hear the train
Making its way again
Somehow the steel on steel (sounds like a promise)

I climb on board the car
Nothing but my guitar
And try to lose the fear (and leave the darkness)

I’m leaving all I know
I’m going with the flow
And pray my soul’s fulfilled (I’m leaving all I know)

The only way to see
If this is right for me
Is to leave the status quo (I’m leaving all I know)

It’s all I can do
To Hold On

You’re battered, bruised and scarred
This life can be so hard
You must remember Who You Are

Take the time to breathe
The water will recede and
Find a way to stop the bleeding
Hold On
Hold on

Lyric Credits: Dianne MacAdam
Music Credits: Nathaniel Jones / Protilius Productions
Producer Credits: N. Jones / Protilius Productions Recorded at Sound Mind Studios – John DiSanto / Engineered by N. Jones
Performance Credits: N. Jones / Dianne MacAdam

Video Credits: Video by Peter Olach, PGO Multimedia Song produced by Nathaniel Jones, Protilius Productions

Who Are You Girl?

I had to laugh when I read today’s Daily Prompt:

Daily Prompt: Mix Tape Masterpiece

You make a new friend. Make them a mix tape (or playlist, for the younger folks) that tells them who you are through song.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us MUSIC.

That has been my mission, my goal so to speak.  I am a musician as many of you know.  God has opened doors for me to play every week at Janesville Apostolic Ministries in Janesville, WI with my husband, Bob.  We had a Church Dedication yesterday that was absolutely amazing. I’ll use another post for that.  Let’s just say Ms D had a blast singing and dancing!

I also write, sing, and record songs about breaking free from Domestic Violence.  Silent No More – that’s me.  Singing about what really goes on behind closed doors when you live in abuse.  Not to glorify what happened, but to raise awareness.  People don’t know what happens unless we tell them.  People can’t help the next woman out of abuse if they don’t know how or what to do next.

Here is my Bio from Broadjam:

Diana is a Music Minister, Blogger, Poetess, and Recording Artist based in Southern WI. She has received many TOP 10 AWARDS from Broadjam, Inc. in the Jazz, Country, Folk, and World Categories.

Diana Rasmussen is a Soul Survivor. She plays live at the local coffee shops and leads the Worship Team every week at Janesville Apostolic Ministries. Her songs focus on overcoming adversity, breaking free from domestic violence, and living beyond depression. Fans have called her songs, “haunting, powerful, and edgy”. Diana sounds like Annie Lennox and Bonnie Raitt, and there is a raw honesty about her lyrics.

WALKING WOUNDED by Secret Angel and Diana Rasmussen

Mixed/Mastered by Chameleon

Diana (PrayersandPromises) and Secret Angel (Secretangelps911) met on WordPress. Having both come from a past of abuse, they have a lot in common. Secret Angel has written a book sharing her story, “THE WALKING WOUNDED”. Secret Angel wrote the poem “The Walking Wounded” and Diana put a portion of the poem to music. A portion of the proceeds of this song will benefit Secret Angel Ministry.

Diana is an established Singer/Songwriter and “Soul Survivor” with many TOP 10 Songs on the Indie charts at Broadjam, Inc.  Her songs focus on overcoming adversity, breaking free from domestic violence, and living beyond depression. Fans have called her songs, “haunting, powerful, and edgy”. Diana sounds like Annie Lennox and Bonnie Raitt, and there is a raw honesty about her lyrics. Diana has received many TOP 10 AWARDS from Broadjam, Inc. in the Country, Folk, Jazz, and World Categories.

Secret Angel’s book, “THE WALKING WOUNDED”, talks about how abuse happens and how victims become trapped in their situations. It brings understanding to the plight of victims as Secret Angel reveals her own true story, including how God intervened in her life and rescued her. “THE WALKING WOUNDED” is in publication currently and will be released in August of 2013, with a plan for the majority of proceeds to go into ministries that help victims of abuse.

SNOW WHITE DARKNESS – An album sharing what it feels like to be in Domestic Violence.

By Diana Rasmussen, Chris Williams, Chameleon,

Mixed/Mastered by Protilius Productions and Chameleon.

1 in 3 women are broken, battered, or scared by abuse or domestic violence. These songs tell story.

$2 of every Album sale (20%) will benefit Secret Angel Ministry for building Safe Houses all across the US and the World.

LATTER RAIN –  An album that features the best of Diana’s Instrumentals with music from all over the World! Many of these songs have won TOP 10 Awards at Broadjam, Inc. Take a break from everyday life, and come on the journey – to a secret place for rest and revival…

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Latter Rain

Daily Prompt: Thank You

Today I wanted to thank all those who have stopped by at my little “corner” of the World here at Prayers and Promises.  I am grateful for your presence. And I love to read about you and how you we are all growing stronger every day.  Some of the battles have yet to be won – yet I believe together we can accomplish much – with God’s help and direction. Thank you for listening, I really do appreciate all of your support.  I cannot tell you how much it means to me to have someone that actually listens to what I have to say.

 You have helped me believe in myself again.

And the prayers you have prayed for me have been answered – I have such a peace today.  

Thank you!

 I pray God’s abundant peace and blessings to all of you, I love you all!


To help you relax today, I put this out at BandCamp.  You can listen for free, or buy too if you want to.  Thank you, for being there…

Let us know, Let us pursue the knowledge of the LORD.

His going forth is established as the morning;

He will come to us like the rain,

Like the latter and former rain to the earth. (Hosea 6:3)

LATTER RAIN features the best of Diana’s Instrumentals with music from all over the World!

Many of these songs have won TOP 10 Awards at Broadjam, Inc.


(Available at BandCamp $7 USD)


1. Latter Rain

2.  The Meadow

3.  Fireflies

4,  Miriam’s Dance

5. Faith

6. EarthSong

7. In The Beginning

8.  Latin Mix

Finding Hope in This Crazy World
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