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10 Quotes About Friends

Friends. We all have them. People who have joined you on this journey called life. Some go, some stay,  some move, and some never leave your side. Quotes about Friends 1.     “A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in … Continue reading

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Bring Peace to the Storm

“Peace. Be still.” That all He said. The wind stopped, the waves quoted, and the boat stopped rocking. What if we did that? What if we brought peace to the storm in our lives and the lives of those around … Continue reading

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Hard Times Reveal True Friends – Quotes to Live By

Hard times reveal true friends. I had a hard day today. I think it was just all the stress of everyday life piling up on me.  But I had friends at work who helped me see beyond today. Friends who … Continue reading

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The Power of a Friend’s Prayer

Remember that story in the Bible where a man’s friends go through the roof to see Jesus. The man was paralyzed. I always thought this was in the physical realm. But what if the man was paralyzed by fear? What … Continue reading

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Your Story Matters

We are here, right now in this moment. You inhale then exhale and I hear it. I as well inhale and exhale and you hear it. And just for this moment in time we hear and understand each other without … Continue reading

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Life Lessons from a Teen Driver

I recently had the pleasure of helping my teen daughter get her final hours of drive time in before she got her drivers license. She took the class and did some drive time with the teacher, but us parents get … Continue reading

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Masks Copyright 2014 Diana Rasmussen You can keep your Top 40 Wear those $100 jeans I see right through you Just wanting to be mean You smile to my face Then stab me in the back Spread my secrets for … Continue reading

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When God is Everything

This is for my friend t.  Remember 911? I do. I was getting ready for work. I turned on the tv and saw the Towers go down.  Speechless. But yet nothing compared to what my friend t went through that … Continue reading

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Prayer Request and Music Opportunity for You by Peter Olach

Yep.  I am calling all Singers. Do you need a music track? Are you looking for a Composer? Someone who will treat your music with the love and respect it deserves? Today I am promoting one of my friends from Broadjam, … Continue reading

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Friends Trust Each Other

BFF. I remember when it had to ask my daughter what that meant. Best Friend Forever. Children are so trusting. Connections. Sharing life and love. Let’s just say I’m working on it. After living in abuse for years I am … Continue reading

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Thank you – for being You

Today, I just wanted to say thank you.  Thank you for joining me in this journey of healing and wholeness.  I appreciate you more than you will ever know.  You give me hope when I want to give up, you … Continue reading

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2 For 1: Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I would like to thank Shaun of Praying for one Day and Paul of Storytellerdavis for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Receiving an award from a fellow blogger is a gift.  I know some don’t like to pass them on … Continue reading

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