Ms. D Made it to the TOP 40!

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Yep, One big songwriting competition every year – hundreds of musicians and songs…

Every year Broadjam offers a Competition that is judged by our peers.

This year I made it into the TOP 40!  We have one week until we find out who makes the TOP 20…I’m biting my nails already, lol.

I am grateful, and blessed.  Alot of these musicians are my friends.  Broadjam is a great place to meet other musicians and get feedback on your music.  I would recommend this site to any musician.  You can sign up for free!

From Wickpedia:

Broadjam is a US-based music community website, founded in September 1999. The service is aimed primarily at independent musicians. Users can interact with other artists, enter contests, and collaborate with peers through email, reviewsblogs and other social networking tools. Broadjam also works with related industries to provide various licensing opportunities, including placement in filmsTV showsadvertising campaigns andvideo gamesradio play and professional reviews.

Broadjam claims to be one of the world’s largest web communities catering to independent musicians.The site has an online database of over 500,000 searchable songs and is home to approximately 110,000 artists from all over the world.

The company was founded by Roy Elkins with assistance from Stephanie Essex Elkins, a former corporate sales and marketing executive,classical singer, and classical music radio deejay, with the intention to provide promotional services for unsigned musicians. The company is based in Madison, Wisconsin. Roy was formerly the Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Sonic Foundry.

Broadjam offers a variety of services for artists to gain exposure and feedback. Musicians make up the bulk of the site’s membership. Broadjam also offers template-based hosting services to help members create their own website.

Broadjam holds a variety of sponsored contests that aim to expose and reward exceptional musicianship and songwriting. Broadjam hosts a “Song of the Month” contests every month. Artist reviews and a scoring system based on “Good”, “Better”, or “Best” are used to determine a winner.

Members can submit their songs for radio play, professional reviews, or placement in films, TV shows, commercials, and video games.

Music supervisors for film and television can utilize Broadjam to provide music for feature films, TV shows and commercials.

Members are able to give one another feedback through a reviewing mechanism by choosing to review songs in a specific genre or simply review random songs from the entire site. The highest rated songs are presented in the Broadjam “Top 10s”. Broadjam has over 200 different Top 10 charts sortable by genre, region, production style and reviewer demographics. All Top 10s are based on a number of factors such as song plays, downloads, reviews and star ratings, all of which is calculated daily.

Broadjam offers hosting services to premium members. The service allows artists to host their existing sites or create one using templates.

Artists have the option to mark songs for download in the MP3 file format. Members can browse the Broadjam library by genre, region, production, or based on “fan picks”.

Here are the prizes:

Broadjam Blogs – The 7th Can.

2013 Broadjam Steinberg TOP 40

How The Contest Works

The Broadjam 6-Pack Songwriting Competition consists of six individual songwriting challenges, each with its own unique theme. You can make as many submissions to as many challenges as you’d like and you can track the progress of the competition by following the 6-Pack Leaderboard (which is updated hourly) and the progress of your own submissions as well.

The results are determined by the participants and other paid Broadjam members. For any given challenge, you will be presented with sets of three random songs submitted to that challenge. You then listen to all three songs and rank them on a “Good, Better, Best” scale.

The finals are about acknowledging the 40 songwriters who consistently submitted successful songs to the competition.

Custom prize packages will be awarded to multiple winners in each category. The overall top 20 will move on to the finale.

Steinberg Finals

  • After the 6-Pack Songwriting Competition is complete the Top 40 songwriters will advance to the Steinberg Finals. This group will then be cut down to the Top 20 songwriters through peer review and will advance to the final elimination rounds.


  1. Congratulations my sister!!! Remember “rolling in the dough”.. It will come to pass. Please let me know if you use our song. I will praying for you!!!

    • Yep, I put it in there! We could only pick 3, so 3×40 is 120 songs that made it this far…Thank you Angel, you are such a blessing to me.

      • Praying that God will lift you up and pour His blessings onto you. I pray that a major recording artist will pick up our song and that God’s healing Power will touch all who listen. Please keep me updated on our song… Love you!!

  2. You go girl! You are one of the most talented people I have ever known. You seem to just breathe art, of any form be it
    poetry, jazz, music of every kind, blogs etc. etc. etc……….
    You rock and you are founded on The Rock! I want you to win this!
    Now I wish I were a Broadjam member, then I could vote.

    Your friend and fan,

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