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Stop Carrying Secrets-Amethyst Shards

This song came to me for a contest last year. It is a collaboration between a few musicians on Broadjam. Sometimes I use my gift of music to bring awareness to a situation that needs to be changed. This song talks about the secrets we carry around – like skeletons. 1 in 4 women are…

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She Carries Her Secrets

The Daily Prompt is about Secrets. I wrote a song about SECRETS not too long ago.  There are so many things we try to bury.  Pretend they never happened. She carries her secrets around in a box, hides them in darkness keeps them locked… Shoves the box under the bed, some things are not meant to be said. ~Diana Rasmussen…

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Ghosts From a Dream

Ghosts From A Dream By Diana Rasmussen 8/26/13 Old Buried feelings holding hidden meanings Up out of the grave Trying to enslave * Ghosts from a dream with silent screams * Painful memories Negative energy Burial chambers Echo things unseen * Ghosts from a dream with silent screams * Brought out of the night Into…

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Amethyst Shards

Amethyst Shards ©2013 Diana Rasmussen She carries her secrets around in a box hides them in darkness keeps them locked shoves the box under her bed some things are never meant to be said She lost the key to her heart long ago trys to stay sane and be in control burys her memories stuffs…

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Cold Bathroom Floor (may trigger)

Cold Bathroom Floor ©2013 Diana Rasmussen When his shouting starts she just runs away locks the door curls up on the cold bathroom floor He pounds on the door with his angry fist quoting his Bible and screaming “You have to obey!” A tear falls from her face as she begins to sway She counts…

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Secrets Copyright 2013. Diana Rasmussen They lived in the darkness Strangled self esteem feed on my fears Paralyzed dreams * Covert operators Multiplied with lies Suffocating The hope inside * I cry out for the Light Secrets and Darkness flee His Life is Light Truth sets me free

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