What is Self Sabotage?

They say misery loves company. Right? The more you talk negative about yourself, the worse you feel. Right? Came accross this list and wow, so true! Self sabotage is deadly. It hurts everyone who is trying to help you. It hurts yourself. You become so addicted to people treating you badly that if nobody does it, you do it to yourself. Self-sabotage. Get help today for this self destructive behavior. Learn how to receive good things and get help today.

When Misery is Company

Source: When Misery is Company, page 117

How many of these statements can you answer in the affirmative?

  1. I often self-sabotage relationships, school, work and other positive opportunities and events.
  2. I avoid feeling or experiencing life fully.
  3. I often get side-tracked or distracted from the most important things.
  4. It is not uncommon for me to find or inject the negative into positive situations.
  5. I often derail positive momentum in my life or circumstances.
  6. I fear feeling too good, too happy or being too successful.
  7. I often procrastinate or delay rather than take required action.
  8. I am often indecisive.
  9. I am rarely sure how I feel about people, places, or things.
  10. I have goals and ambitions but don’t do the work required to attain them.
  11. I feel like I don’t get any breaks.
  12. I often feel incompetent and unworthy.
  13. I have difficulty changing my behaviors even in the face of repeated negative consequences.
  14. I don’t avoid situations that I know will cause me problems.
  15. I too often act on assumptions rather than facts.
  16. I resist change of any type.
  17. I get tied up in the details rather than looking at the big picture (I can’t see the forest for the trees.)
  18. I refuse (or “forget”) to take medications that are helpful.
  19. I often isolate.
  20. I find it difficult to ask for help or accept help if offered.
  21. I tend to push away or reject the people who care the most for me.
  22. I sacrifice my own desires and well-being for those of others.
  23. I am attracted to unavailable people.
  24. I rarely feel like I fit in or belong.
  25. I desire closer relationship but avoid the intimacy that ‘closeness’ requires.
  26. I am easily addicted to substances or behaviors.

How to recover? The first step is recognizing you have a problem and you are listening to the wrong voices. That critical voice in your head is not of God. It is the enemy and he is trying to kill, steal, and destroy. God has not given you a spirit of fear, but of love, and power, and a sound mind.

Replace those old tapes with the Word of God. Jesus has come to give you life, and life more abundantly.

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  1. Im a mess. God just revealed to me that i sabotage good things as a way of protecting myself and i don’t know what to do with it. There is a lot of detail around the circumstances but not i don’t trust my own instincts and that scares me.

    • I understand. There was a time I didn’t trust myself either. after all – all my bad choices got me into the mess I was in. I pray that you seek out a qualified pastor, counselor, or mentor that can help you sort out what is true and what is false. Just know that you are worth it – and you will come to know and trust yourself all over again.



      • I’ve finally realized that I have self sabotage a lot of things in my life..and each time I did God was there to help me pick up the pieces.Everyday I pray to make better choices and then I realize that I have to start living and appreciating what God have done for me. I was blessed with amazing career opportunities and each of them I found a small way too sabotage them.This left some with the impression that I was an irresponsible employee and each time God have given me this chance to make it up all over again. Now that I’m with this amazing company I’m changing the way I’m living in order to get where GOD wants me to be.I’m done neglecting myself and not feeling as confident just because I don’t trust myself or lack believing in my ability to win. I’m an awesome young woman with an amazing and promising future ahead of me and with the grace and strength from God and myself I’m willing to overcome the devil’s weapon against me! God Bless you all and you all will be in my prayers.

        • Thank you my sister – what a testimony! God bless you as you and both expect GREAT things! Blessings, Diana

    • You are not alone at all sis. This one spoke to me too. I would go get a great job, get awards, and then quit, lol! I am glad God heals all things – even self sabotage 😉

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