No Wonder I Felt Sick Living in Abuse

No wonder I felt sick while living in Abuse. The effects are way more than just what happens when the Abuser acts out their anger. It is physical. And it made me sick. It is more than just emotions. I read this today and it really helped me understand. I remember that last year I was living in abuse I had all sorts of things going on physically. I ended up with weird medical things like Shingles – twice. And a month later Viral Meningitis. I would not wish that one on anyone. And then the girl problems…Ugggh.

This article says women living in abuse have THREE TIMES MORE problems with reproductive issues. And 48% more chance of being diagnosed with Depression – yep. Been there, done that. The scariest part for me was:

Abused women are 70 percent more likely to have heart disease,

80 percent more likely to experience a stroke

and 60 percent more likely to develop asthma than women who have not experienced abuse;

No wonder I was so sick!  If you are having physical problems with your health – see someone today.  Take the first step.  Domestic violence eats away at your body and your soul.  Break the silence and get help today.

Health Survey of Domestic Violence Survivors Finds Major Unmet Health Needs (via PR Newswire)


Diana Rasmussen is a Faith Builder, Worship Leader, Veteran's wife, and a Certified Peer Specialist. At her blog Prayers and Promises she shares from her heart on how to find hope in this crazy world!

4 thoughts on “No Wonder I Felt Sick Living in Abuse

  1. Bottom line: Stress is a killer. I’m glad to see you are taking care of yourselves.
    The best way to keep your family safe is for you to be healthy and receptive to the avenue of escaping to the point where all is well with your body and your soul. I know, from a different background, but ugly health issues related to stress nonetheless. God bless you guys!

    Hatred is powerful, but the love of Jesus is the most powerful force ever.
    I pray that Jesus’ love be poured over you ,all, this day.

    I have great respect for all of you.


  2. I always gain weight along with increasing medical issues, as if the weight will protect me when only God will. What I just realized is that I felt the same vibes coming from my teenage son that I had felt from so many “boyfriends” before: one of disrespect and hatred and condescension so that I gained weight and had a black cloud over me. He decided to go live with his father (we are divorced) recently, and the black cloud lifted. I prayed and gave him over to God. Only God can lift him out of this place in which he must build his ego by breaking others down (including his younger brother, which was really hard for me to deal with). I consecrate by oldest son to Him, per Exodus. I should have a long time ago. I hope you are feeling better, Diana.

  3. I have asthma. It manifested in my teen years. I believe it is because of the sexual abuse I suffered in childhood.

  4. Wow. Makes sense, though. As we keep our fear inside all those years, it’s bound to take a toll physically. Thank you for keeping us aware.

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