Forged in the Fire – the Sword of God

Have you ever seen a Swordsmith forge a new sword? I love those old Medieval movies that show that. The Swordsmith takes that piece of metal and sticks it in the fire and then folds it over again and again repeating the process many times. The blade is shaped and sharpened by the Swordsmith. He takes it in his hand and sticks it into the … Continue reading Forged in the Fire – the Sword of God

My Life is in Your Hands

Saturday mornings I usually stay in my jammies until at least noon. It’s a great way to de-stress and just be. It’s a good time to clean house and listen to music. My Saturday playlist? The Kirk Franklin Radio station from Pandora. Yep, it was a Black Gospel Saturday morning for me! Every once in a while you hear that song that melts your heart. … Continue reading My Life is in Your Hands

Where Did the Power of God Go?

Recently we have been asking the question of why our current churches don’t display the same power as the early Acts churches did. Are we wimpy Christians? That’s not what the Word says. God says the same power that dwells in Jesus dwells in us. Then why the lack of power? Why the absence of miracles? In researching this, there are many trains of thought … Continue reading Where Did the Power of God Go?

Princess Warriors – Girls with Swords

I was watching NUMBERS on Netflix last night. It’s kind of a math and science and police show. I like it, but I can only watch a few episodes or it. Makes my head hurt. Lots of math. Anyway, one of the actors said something that “hit” me right away in the spirit. Yes, God can even use tv to teach us something! The line … Continue reading Princess Warriors – Girls with Swords