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Spring Training #5 – Use All of the Crayons

Use all of the crayons? Yes. God is creating a Masterpiece – it’s you. He is the Master Creator. And we are His Creation. He is creating a beautiful life in you, even if it doesn’t seem like it today. You are His pride and joy. He has your picture on His refrigerator and in…

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Spring Training #4 – Honoring the Holy Spirit

Spring Training Lesson #4 – Honoring the Holy Spirit You sense the presence of God when you wake up… You hear something that ‘pricks your heart’… You see a beautiful sunset and wonder… You start crying at church when they sing that song… The Pastor preaches a Word that opens your eyes…   All are…

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Spring Training #3 – Breaking Generational Curses

Well, so far in this series “Spring Training – Exercising Our Faith” we have talked about: #1 – Healing and Honoring Our Bodies #2 – Learning to Mange our Monies and Talents   Today I would like to share some things I learned about breaking the generational curses over our lives. There are times that…

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Spring Training #2 – Making Our Money Work for Us

Last time we talked about exercising our faith by honoring our bodies in SPRING TRAINING #1 – HONORING OUR BODIES. Today I would like to focus on another area that I personally am working on and that is how to make our money work for us.  I admit it, I have been ignorant in this…

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Spring Training #1-Exercising Our Faith-Honor Our Bodies

Spring Training. All the baseball teams gearing up for the game. Getting ready, letting go of what doesn’t work and training for the new season. I am in a period of transition. A period of spring training. I have had to acknowledge a few weaknesses and change my thoughts and attitudes to learn new habits.…

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