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Quotes About New Birth and New Beginnings

Everybody loves a new baby. Just the act of bringing forth a new life into the world is a miracle. New babies are so adorable. Life is so precious. Totally helpless, the new baby  depends on their parernt(s) or adopted parent(s) to feed them, to hold them, to love them. Babies aren’t picky. Anyone will…

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Prayer for a New Season

I don’t know about you, but I am weary of this Winter/Spring season. I live in Wisconsin and we have had ice and snow for the last few days. Yeah. Happy Spring right? We have had more snow in April this year than we did for the whole month of  December in our state. Crazy…

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What He is Risen Means to Us

We hear it all Easter season. “He is risen.” He is Jesus Christ. But how do you apply that to your ever day, normal life? What does it mean? I am just an ordinary girl. I have lived part of my life with Jesus and part of my life without Him. I knew He was there,…

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Spring – NaPoWriMo Day 6

“Get up, my dear friend,     fair and beautiful lover—come to me! Look around you: Winter is over;     the winter rains are over, gone! Spring flowers are in blossom all over.     The whole world’s a choir—and singing! Spring warblers are filling the forest     with sweet arpeggios. Lilacs are exuberantly purple and perfumed,     and cherry trees fragrant…

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