Lady Wisdom – fight or flight

Daily Prompt: Fight or Flight

When faced with confrontation, do you head for the hills or walk straight in? Was there ever a time you wished you’d had the opposite reaction?

Honestly, there are times I stay and fight, and times I turn away.  I really don’t like confrontation.  I like peace.  Have you ever had someone screaming in your face?  I hate that.  That is just plain wrong in my book. If you have lived through abuse you know what I mean.  Words getting shoved down your throat, whether you agree or disagree doesn’t matter.  I remember standing there and ‘checking out’ mentally.  It was like I was there, but not there.  Have you ever done this?  Tuned out? Someone told me to picture a mirror in front of myself, and that all the words that He was throwing at me would bounce back to him. I did this, and then started laughing.  Not recommended – he really got mad then!  That was a ‘flight’ situation, I got away!

For me, I had to learn to stop and ask God, do I stay or do I run?  He gave me wisdom in every situation. All I had to do was stop and ask.


“I am Lady Wisdom, and I live next to Sanity;
Knowledge and Discretion live just down the street.
The Fear-of-God means hating Evil,
whose ways I hate with a passion—
pride and arrogance and crooked talk.
Good counsel and common sense are my characteristics;
I am both Insight and the Virtue to live it out.
With my help, leaders rule,
and lawmakers legislate fairly;
With my help, governors govern,
along with all in legitimate authority.
I love those who love me;
those who look for me find me.
Wealth and Glory accompany me—
also substantial Honor and a Good Name.
My benefits are worth more than a big salary, even avery big salary;
the returns on me exceed any imaginable bonus.
You can find me on Righteous Road—that’s where I walk—
at the intersection of Justice Avenue,
Handing out life to those who love me,
filling their arms with life—armloads of life!
(Proverbs 8:12-21 MSG)


Dear Lord,
I pray that you give us wisdom in our normal, everyday life.  Show us when to fight and when to flee.  You know all things, you are our protection and our Savior, keep us safe and protected from harm.  Deliver us from the hand of any enemies.  You alone are God, and we praise You, in Jesus Name!


  1. I love the Mirror idea. I think I’ll use that – but leave out the laugh, of course. Excellent advice…kind of a mental “same to you but more of it!”

    Thanks for the post on wisdom, and especially the prayer. I add my hearty “Amen.”


  2. I have always been one to attack confrontation head on! When in reality I should avoid it because I tend to become extremely irritated and just blow! It’s how I’ve always been. After I blow I truly regret it. Time to start asking for God’s guidance. Great Blog one I needed!

  3. Oh my God!! I had no idea at 2am this morning that the daily prompt was going to be “Fight or Flight.” I just felt that I had to write about fear!!! I guess I should have waited to make it a daily prompt or I could add to it. When I saw your post today, I just could not believe. God is so good. Love your post and right on again!!!!

  4. I dread confrontation! I tend to react both ways. I try to avoid it because it makes me very panicky and if I can’t avoid it then I get really ticked off with the person and let them have it with both barrels and make sure there is nothing left when I am done so that I will never have to go through it again! Well, not a mature answer but an honest one 🙂 I don’t always react that way but I have seen a pattern. It seems like if I handle it the “proper” way I feel even more anxious 🙁 Thank you God that you are not finished with me yet 🙂

    • Me too Princess, I am glad God isn’t finished with us yet! And who know what’s “proper”, I think it’s just survival! That fight or flight response can be a lifesaver…

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