It’s Time for All Christians Everywhere to Call your Congressman

There is a new bill that Nancy Pelosi is bringing before Congress next week for a vote. I don’t usually post about politics, but I feel you need to know about this today. They call it the “Equality Act” but that is not true. It has nothing to do with Equality.

Do you enjoy your religious freedom? Do you like the ability to say “No, that goes against what I believe so I am not going to do that.” Well, we may lose that right starting on Tuesday. That’s when the House votes.

You see they added this line about how religion does not have the right to say NO.

Read the full Equality Act here.

Think about this:

  • Do you want boys in the little girls bathrooms?
  • Do you want to be forced to perform a transgender wedding ceremony?
  • Do you want boys competing in a girls only sport?
  • Do you want boys in the girls lockeroom and shower?
  • Do you want to be arrested for a hate crime because you said NO?

TODAY is the day to say NO. Fill out the form and email you Congressman.

The vote is Tuesday on the “EQUALITY ACT” which gives LBGTQ the same protection as:






Familial Status.

National Origin.

Say NO and you are discriminating against them. Then you can be charged for a hate crime.

If a boy decides he feels like a girl he would be protected under law and there is nothing we could do about it.

What do you want? Email your congressman here – you have 5 days.

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Diana Rasmussen is a Faith Builder, Worship Leader, Veteran's wife, and a Certified Peer Specialist. At her blog Prayers and Promises she shares from her heart on how to find hope in this crazy world!

11 thoughts on “It’s Time for All Christians Everywhere to Call your Congressman

      1. Well I hope it doesn’t. They’re just trying to live their lives. They are people too. They are scared. They are being harassed. They are being murdered for being trans.

        1. I know trans people. Yes they are trying to live their lives. But they are 5% of our country, 95% of our country doesn’t want men in the women’s bathrooms. Why not make a trans bathroom and shower in all schools and businesses. This would solve the problem.

  1. Thanks for the great resource. I am including a link to this in my blog.

  2. It will be dead in the senate…God willing…but yes, time to call your representative. Tell them that you may even consider funding a candidate against them in the next election if they do not vote against it- let them know how serious you are. They have to continually work to be re-elected, so that is one of the best ways to get their attention.

  3. Should people of the LGBTQA community be treated like a human beings and not a second class citizens? Yes. Do people that follow the Abrahamic faiths have a “legal right” to discriminate and be hateful towards others? No. Should hateful bigots be allowed to voice their opinions? No. Should religion be allowed to shape the laws in this country in any way? No.

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