A Word From the Lord 9_14_14

Here is the Word that was released at JAM (Janesville Apostolic Ministries) in Janesville, WI yesterday.  I am blessed to serve here, thank you Jesus.  You can watch JAM videos on Vimeo too. We haven’t really started putting the worship up yet, guess you’ll have to come visit!


Word from the Lord 9/14/14

I have done all the work for you
You don’t need to work anymore

I already paid the price
and I did it for you

Today you may be wondering, “Is this real?”
Just receive it

I did it
The work is done

I have done the work for you
I already paid the price
and I did it for you

Today I just ask you to do one thing
Receive me

I did it
all you have to do is open your heart
and let me in
and I will do everything else

just take me in today
your Lord and Savior

into your heart

just answer the door
and let me in

Open the door to me today

I love you

I love you just the way you are

I absolutely love you for who you are



  1. Amen! I prayed a prayer very similar to this yesterday during worship at our church. I realized and confessed to the Lord that I know He loves me, but I don’t think He favors me or cares. In fact I’ve come to think He expects suffering and unfulfilled dreams as part of my struggle through this world. After I repented I felt Him say, just allow Me in to do My thing. I will take care of the rest. But you cannot fight Me with unbelief.

    Also a woman was giving her testimony and added this: “Jesus wants me to tell you He works His miracles through (by way of) our praise.” (paraphrased)

    Once again Ms. D., I think the Lord gave us a very similar message. The Lord is so good.


    • Amen t, amen. When I heard this Word it was like a wall shattered around my heart. I don’t know how to explain it, but I felt it. I was crying like a baby when He said, “I love you, I love you just the way your are, I ABSOLUTELY love you.” Sometimes I think I try to hard and don’t give God the time or space to love me back. I am in receiving mode – Hallelujah! Love u girl, D

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