Can I tell you I don’t have it all figured out yet? Can I tell you I am still learning? And maybe, just maybe, I don’t want to enter some people’s drama.  Is that bad? Idk. Guess I’m just spunky today…


Have you ever met a Know it All? Someone who just loves to get in your face and tell you what you need to do with your life.  Lots of time they use the Spirit of Religion to do it too. Yeah, you better do this or do that or you won’t get into Heaven. Like they are Jesus or something. I think they believe they are the ones holding the keys to the gates and they get to decide who gets in. We have it all wrong in their eyes, and they are the only ones who have it right. So you better sit down and take notes or something.


I used to be a people pleaser.  I used to go to every single event at Church. All so people would see that I was committed to God, that I cared, and that I mattered. I did it for the wrong reasons.  And I trusted everyone with everything.  Not the wisest idea. Can I say that there are some very sick people who go to church – I know I was one of them! I learned with experience who I can trust and who likes to gossip.  Who builds people up and who tears them down. All by keeping my mouth shut and watching and asking God for direction.  Test the spirits right?



Today I give myself permission not to attend every event,and  not to trust every single person who walks through the door – even if they have the ‘title” thing going on. I will not be ashamed either.  It is my choice.  You can’t shame me into going, or doing – guilt is not a motivator, just as fear is not a motivator.  Just because someone has a ‘title’ doesn’t mean they are trustworthy. Lots of people like to abuse power.


I am so weary of the ‘know-it-alls’ who pretend to have everything all figured out. Their pride and arrogance is annoying.  And their need to be right ALL of the time.  Know what I want to tell them? “Don’t take yourself so seriously!” and “I  don’t really care if you think you are always right and we are always wrong. It’s not a contest.”


I know a guy who will interrupt Bible Study, interrupt Worship,  interrupt the Sermon, etc.  It gets annoying.  Like he is Mr. Know-it-All.  Yes, he has been told to shut up. But what do you do when they don’t listen?  I won’t even go to midweek service – I tried once and confronted him on his attitude. Know what he did? Stormed out like a little girl. Yeah. A two year old temper tantrum in a 50 year old man.  All because I said I did not agree with him.  I really don’t need any more drama, I have teenagers, lol!


What do you do when you don’t agree with someone?

Do you keep quiet?

Do you say something?

How do you handle the Know-it-alls?


I know it is because of his insecurity. Feels like he has to prove himself and his beliefs to everyone he meets.  Maybe I’m just a troublemaker, idk.  I mean, after service he makes it a point to corner other women, regardless of their age, and cram his beliefs down their throat.  And he will sit there and argue with them. Like it is a contest and only He gets to win.  I look for it every Sunday. And know what I do? I go interrupt him.  Is that bad? I hate seeing him prey on the elderly women, or the ones that are hurting.  I mean really.  Yes, he is married. But he disrespects her too.  Just feeling frustrated I guess. I know, forgive him, pray for him. Yeah, I am. But how do you get him to shut up?