Who’s Report Will You Believe?

Who’s report will you believe? Yep. Lots of people have something to say, but just because they say it doesn’t mean it’s true.  Let me tell you a story. Our life has been a little crazy here the last 48 hours.  Yeah. But God has shown himself strong.

On Tuesday my youngest child A. went on a field trip. I packed his lunch and he walked all around a local campus with all the 8th graders. He had a great time. Then he went to track practice   The track team has conferences coming up this weekend  it was a sprint workout. The kids ran 5 -100 meters, 3-80 meters, 6-50 meters, and 5-25 meter all in 2 hours. That’s 1925 Meters or 1.20 miles. And the hottest and most humid day we have had yet here in WI at 86 degrees and no breeze.

I picked up my son up at 4:45. He looked whooped. When we got home he went to lay down. I cooked a pizza and went to get him after about an hour and things were wrong…really wrong. He was crying. He couldn’t move any of his muscles. He couldn’t get out of bed, he couldn’t stand up.  I took his temperature, it was 103.6.  I went and got my husband who was mowing, he ran in. Bob, who has served in the Army in Egypt (yeah, he was on Mount Siani!) knew it was heat stoke.  A. Started throwing up – 3 times. Bob carried him up the stairs and into a cold shower to cool him off. A. Had to sit on a bath chair I had as he couldn’t stand.

After that we put A. on the couch with the air on and a fan.  We put ice packs under his armpits.  Then the Gatorade and water…all night. With ibuprofen- which he threw up.  I monitered his temperature all night every 30 minutes. Got it down to 99.

Wed morning A. Was still dizzy. He tried to go to the bathroom and threw up again. Off we went to the Emergency Room. By this time he was too dehydrated for water to help. He needed an IV. We arrived around 8 am. They took his vitals and it showed heat stroke. He couldn’t stand on his own, his BP went up when he tried to stand.  The Dr and Nurse started the IV.  They gave him pain medicine and anti-nauseous medicine.

Bob, my husband and A.’s step-dad,  was at work. He called me and said, “Diana I don’t know what the Dr. Is going to say, but REJECT HIS REPORT.”  I said, “ok.”

The Dr. came in shortly after and said he thought it might be an appendicitis.  He ordered lots of blood work and a CAT scan.  A. Has never even had his blood drawn, so it was not really fun.  But after the pain medicine he slept for a while. I remembered what Bob had said. So I did not agree with the Dr. And I KEPT MY MOUTH SHUT and did not speak into that.  Yeah, not always easy for Miss D!

Long story short, my son had his CAT Scan, and the blood work.  

Would you believe –

his appendix was NOT enlarged,

he had NO white blood cells in the test which meant NO infection an

his blood work was NORMAL!!!

They gave him 2 bags of saline through the IV…and sent us home after 8 hours in the ER.


Just because a DR. Says something does NOT mean that it is true.  There is money to be made  in the Health-care business. Not every Dr. Wants to give you “health”. Seriously. They make lots more money if you are sick!  And more when you come back!  Now I am not bashing all Drs or Nurses (Kris my sister in law is an Angel – you would be blessed to have her as you Nurse!). And yes, I still go to the Dr. As does my family. Don’t get too extreme here. God can use doctors and nurses to heal. I am not saying not to go. Luke, from the Bible, was a Doctor. There are Doctors and Nurses that are in the Kingdom of God, and there are Doctors and Nurses in the Kingdom of the Enemy.  Ask the Holy Spirit who lives inside of you, as Bob did, and test the spirits.

Just because a doctor says something, doesn’t mean it’s true!

Is that what the Word of God says?


  • What gave that Doctor the right to pronounce a death sentence over you?
  • You have potential (hidden ability) inside of you.
  • God put that inside of you when He made you.
  • You can manifest your healing because of WHO/WHOSE YOU ARE.
  • God put it on the inside of you when you were born again!
  • God knows us. He can heal us with what He put in us!
  • JESUS is the Great Physician. Have you consulted with Him yet?
  • Test the Spirits…some are from God and some are not.


by Ron Kenoly

Whose report
Will you believe
We shall believe
The report of the Lord

His report says
I am healed
His report says
I am filled
His report says
I am free
His report says victory

Are you healed
Are you filled
Have you got the victory

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  1. Sis, you sure have had a lot of drama with your children lately. I am so glad that your son is OK. I will be praying for you and your family. And Bob is so right. I learned a long time ago to reject reports and trust God. You are surely blessed my sister! Love you!!!

  2. I’m still just sick that A. had to go through all of this. I’m really concerned about the ineptitude of his track coach. Had he/ she been reasonable your baby boy would not have needed to suffer. I hope the coach has at least asked about his health.

    Regarding speaking up, when it comes to doctors, I’m with Bob 100%. I challenge if something doesn’t make sense to me. Not in a confrontational way, though. Often times, when advocating for my mom, I’d ask a healthcare professional, what would you do if this was your mom. Stuff like that.

    I think your main point hits the nail on the head, though. I’m guilty of not always consulting the Holy Spirit. Thank you for re-directing me! I needed this. I pray that Jesus give you, Bob and A. a special hug and blessings today!

    • Awww, thanks t. I did go and have a word with the Principal at his school, who already had a word with the entire coaching team. The kids are supposed to get 4 water breaks, not one. That is being enforced now. I definitely don’t want any other child or parent to have to go through what we did. And I dropped off two cases of water for any child that needed one.

      No, it was not fun, yet I think we all learned from the whole experience. I was one of those who just believed everything a Dr said – not any more. I’m with you – let’s ask the Holy Spirit and keep asking questions. I am grateful A. is well too!

  3. Diana, thank you for sharing this. I receive it in the way He and you meant for it to be received! Many many times I have seen dear loved ones believe the bad report and go through so much testing , worry, stress and fear . . .when it was not true. Praying for us to listen to Him first and foremost! God bless you and so thankful that your son is doing better! That was very intense!

    • Yeah, intense…that’s the perfect description. Thank you beautiful, A. Is back in school today, thank you Jesus!

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