The Girl With the Mirror

I found this picture on Facebook.

One of my  friends posted it, and it has been ‘haunting’ me.

I don’t know why. Maybe it’s her eyes.

Who is she?

What is she reflecting?

Is she hiding?

What do you see?

your thoughts are always welcome here…

From: facebook
From: facebook


  1. Wow. So much here. She’s only a part of her whole self. Amazing photography. Intriguing and a little creepy too. Like she’s disappearing.

    • Thank you Laura, ‘a part of her whole self’ – yeah, I see that too. Where is her heart? Hidden or gone? Idk…

  2. This is a telling photo in so many ways … Something immediately struck me … a mirror only reflects in part who we are. If we focus on what others see in us, we eventually end up empty and hollow … Her eyes seem lost behind the mirror, even shallow, maybe disappointment in what she portrays to the world … definitely a haunting image … thanks for sharing it!

    • That is awesome Heidi, that she focuses on what others see in her – wow, thank you. Holy Spirit is helping me see through all of your comments. Thank you sis.

      • I think if I focus on what others see in me, I eventually give up who I am, who I was created to be … that picture will be in mind for a long time … not a bad thing … thanks again, sister, for sharing it

  3. I can certainly see where one could feel a bit freaked out by this photo. Beautiful but eerie at the same time.

      • I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer, but it looks like she is the picture of abuse, hiding behind a mirror pointed outward, always serving others, hollow inside. I pray that this was just a piece of art and that the little girl is happy and fine. Whoever took this photo did a fantastic job.

        • You are not a downer girl, your words are true. Hollow inside, abuse, no wonder it haunted me. Thank you sis. Lord, fill up all those hollow places with your Spirit and love, for all of those affected, in Jesus Name.

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