I found this poem in my journals from a while ago. I wrote it after coming out of a bad relationship. Sometimes I think I learn what is from what isn’t. Does that make sense? Love was one of those things. I had lots of people tell me they loved me, but their actions did not match. And neither did mine.

When you are starved for love sometimes you take the first thing that comes along. Just because you are starving. It might be that first boyfriend who tells you he loves you just to have sex. It might be that first job where you find yourself working for a boss with shady integrity. When you are starving you just want to eat. It doesn’t matter what.

I would ask the Body of Christ to put down the “ugly” stick and the magnifying glass. It’s time we stopped hurting each other and magnifying each other’s shortcomings and sin. There are people dying out there…

Source: my opera.com
Source: my opera.com

Cover One Another With Love

Serve one another

encourage each other

Father the orphans with love

Bind up the broken

heal the sick

Deliver the addict

break the bondage

Cover one another with love

Be quick to forgive

and slow to anger

believing the best

for a friend

Pray without ceasing

giving thanks for all things

Help your brother to live

Cover one another with love

Stand up for the oppressed

protect the weak

Provide for the widow

and share all your things

Heal the sick

shelter the homeless

Untie the bound

set prisoners free

Cover one another with love

~Copyright 2013 Diana Rasmussen~

From: hungryforgodsword.blogspot.com
From: hungryforgodsword.blogspot.com
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