Chosen – Teen Bible Study


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Do you remember gym class? I hated Gym.  Especially waiting to be chosen for a team.  The world is sometimes cruel with how to be chosen.  Whether it is at school, at work, or with a relationship being chosen makes us feel special.  It makes us feel wanted.

So, what’s the Good News?  God has chosen YOU for his family.  It happened even before you were born.  From the womb He called you and knew your name.

I started writing a Bible Study for our teen class at Church.  I think on Sunday’s I will share these with you.  Feel free to download and use.  God bless you!



  1. Chosen is my new favorite word. Once it sinks down into one’s heart, what others think or have to say loses much of its power!

    May there be the sound of shackles falling to the ground week by week as you bring this much-need teaching to the teens!


    • Thank you so much Tami. We are so blessed. I know God is using you in amazing ways to teach as well. God bless you and your audio book ministry as God inhabits your praises let the lame men and women arise and walk!

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