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When God Shuts the Door

A few weeks ago our Pastor constructed a wooden door frame on a piece of plywood. He had got word from a Prophetess that we ┬áhonor that the old door had been shut for a long time and the Pastors in the area have the power and the authority to open it for a new…

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This is Your Opportunity

Opportunities come in strange packages sometimes. You know, you are expecting a pretty package, wrapped perfectly, with that pretty bow on top. And you receive a box, wrapped in an old brown grocery bag, beat up on the corners, that shakes when you rattle it. Yep. Not what we expect at all right? Yet with…

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Doors and Tokens

Today I would like to share my experience with doors and tokens. ┬áThis is a true story of how I learned to protect myself, my family and my home from the enemy. Thank you Lord Doors open from both sides. One side is good and one side is bad. And unfortunately when we open the…

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