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Your Story Matters – Blog it!

Your story matters. It may not seem so right now. But you are not the only one going through it, that’s for sure. One of the the things I really like about blogging is that you get to meet people all over the world who may be going through the exact same situation.

When I blog about depression, I get to meet others who are in the battle and learn what worked for them to kick out the blues. When I write about my past domestic violence situations I get wisdom from others who have made it out alive. When I write about finding hope in God I get to meet others who have found Him faithful and true. We are a tribe of men, women, and children who share our hearts with people we have never met. I love it!!!

I am more honest on my blog than I am with people sometimes. It’s really easy to pour your heart out when you just type whatever you think. There is a freedom in that. Your heart, your feelings, your hopes, dreams, failures – it is really addicting! It’s a total no judgement zone.

Do you blog?

What do you blog about?

Why do you blog?

I read my about page today – funny how you write that page and forget about it. It helped me remember why I do this:

My Purpose – To overcome adversity, thrive, and live an abundant life

My Mission – To encourage and teach others how to rise above their circumstances, enlarge their vision, and soar to new heights with God

My Calling – To use words and music to find and share hope is this crazy world

What about you? What is your vision? Do you have a dream? A calling?

I encourage your to write it down. It’s real then. It helped me focus on why I do what I do. It gives me vision. Without vision the people perish I read…

Plus, it’s really funny to read something you wrote like 3 years ago and totally forgot about. Blogging gives me perspective – on how far I have come, what I have overcome, and how faithful God is to His promises!



How to Make a Free Book or Blog Trailer

Sometimes in my travels I come across really good sites that help us Authors, Bloggers, and Musicians. I would like to introduce you to Animoto.  You can set up a free account and get started making a book trailer or even a trailer for your Blog.  They make it so easy.  There are templates included, and even music that you can add for free.

Animoto makes it easy to create professional-quality videos on your computer and mobile device. At our core, we believe that video is the most powerful way to communicate what you care most deeply about—whether that’s your family, business, or a cause—and that making videos shouldn’t be limited to only those with technical know-how and expensive production equipment.


Benefits of Animoto:
  1. It’s free to set up an account.
  2. You can upload your video directly to YouTube and share on all your social networks.
  3. It’s easy to do with templates and music.
  4. You can embed your video on any WordPress Page if you use the YouTube link.
  5. It is a great way to increase traffic to your site.
  6. It’s professional.
  7. You can use for personal or business needs.
  8. It’s  a great way to promote your book, blog, wedding, party, etc. on social media.
  9. They do offer an upgrade to HD for a small charge. (I paid $10 to go to 720p)
  10. You can also use it on your Goodreads Author Page and Amazon Author Page. (click to see mine)


Here is the first one I made for my book Snow White Darkness.  This book shares my journey out of Domestic Abuse.


And here is one I created for my blog Prayers and Promises. I wanted a trailer for YouTube that described my Prayers and Promises Channel.  After I uploaded my video to YouTube I added an annotation at the end of the movie to direct people back to my Blog. Anytime you can crosslink (direct people from one of your sites to another of your sites your SEO will improve. Then you find yourself on the first page of Google Search without even trying, lol!).



Send me a link to your new video creations! I would love to see what you come up with!
Image Credit: web2teachingtools.com

120 Ways to Promote Your Blog – Infographic

I am part of a Women’s Entrepreneurs Group on LinkedIn and found this today. It was so amazing I just had to share it with all of my friends here!

Source: http://digitalphilippines.net/how-to-promote-your-blog/

why follow?

What makes a blog great? What makes you follow a blog or “Like” a post?
I never really thought about this before.  So I had to think about what I was thinking about when I click that ‘like’ or ‘follow’ button.  Does that make sense? I follow a lot of blogs, and I like a lot of posts.  And then there are some that I don’t even finish reading.  So, here’s my list, take it or leave it, I love you all just the same…
Don’t hide from me, tell me what you are feeling.  I am probably or have probably felt that way too.  I don’t like ‘tell me’ blogs, I like ‘show me’ blogs.  No one likes to be told what to do. You know, the ones you read that say, do this or else… Self righteous people are a turn off.  I want to just say to them, “It’s not all about you.”  And we all have heartbreaks, heartaches…will you share yours?  What helped you heal? What do you do with the yucky part?
Quest for truth
What is real? What is not? What are you looking for? Why?  I am a seeker too, maybe we can go on this journey together.  What have you learned on your journey so far?
You can tell when someone is prideful or arrogant, it shows in their words.  Humbleness is attractive, and inviting.  Will you just be yourself? Or are you pretending to be someone else?
I struggle with things, we all do.  None of us can do everything right.  But are you brave enough to share your struggles with us? Will you share where you have failed? or where you are seeking to improve?  To me, that is courage.
Will you let us see the real you? Will you allow your heart to be exposed?  Will you admit that sometimes you don’t have all the answers? Will you share your pain as well as your pleasure?
What is going well with you?  What are some positive things that you have had victory over? Is it always a ‘poor me’ attitude? When you share a story of victory it gives me hope that I will have victory in my life too.  I admit, sometimes when I am down I need to read about someone who has had a victory.  I want a hero, something to hold onto when I am fumbling around in the dark.


What spirit are you feeding?  I admit, sometimes I read these blogs to help me heal.  Will you point me to hope or to hopelessness?  This is not a one time post, we all have down days. But what direction are you going with your blog? What do you see as its purpose?
Are you respectful to your readers? Or do you insult them? Are you looking for an argument? If we disagree on a subject, how do you respond?  Disrespectful people are just not fun to be around.  We all have value, whether we agree with each other or not.
Love, not infatuation or sex, but love.  Will you keep telling your story? Why do you tell your story? Will you allow us to sit beside you on the journey?  Are you patient, kind, long-suffering with us? Do you respond to our comments? Do we matter to you?  Who are you serving?


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Oh no, was I speeding?

Daily Post – The Ghosts in Your Dashboard

Your WordPress.com dashboard is the nerve center of your blog: it’s where your ideas come to life, and your creativity gives them shape. As writers, artists, and thinkers, we know inspiration can be sporadic and those moments of genius are fleeting — they come and go, which means that sometimes your literary flame burns out, and those bursts of creation are short-lived.

The result? An abandoned idea. The dreaded draft, sitting in limbo, staring back at you. And so, we’re curious: what’s lurking in the drafts section of your dashboard?

From clker.com
Busted!  Yes officer,  I hoard Drafts!  But when I saw your flashing red and blue lights  I threw them all out the window.  Well, ok I kept 1.  You want to see it? Really?  Am I in some sort of trouble here? No I do not have  a license to carry it.  Why do I need a license?  Too much storage space, what do you mean?  I only have one!  Haven’t you ever startled a thought and then forgot what you were trying to say?  Haven’t you ever changed your mind?  or did you ever want to wait for the right time to post it?  Or have you written something so personal that you are not sure you want everyone else to read it?  Ok, ok, here it is.  How much is this gonna cost me?


I love Reggae!  Yep, too fun.  I can’t play it, it’s that off-beat thing.  At least not yet!  So I always appreciate a musician who can!  Voice of One brings God glory with every song!

Meet another Musician Friend of mine:

“Voice of OnE” From Tampa, FL USA


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One Question

from praisephilly.com

I was having fun today on my day off, until I downloaded a program and gave my computer a virus.  UGGGGGH!  I had a new toolbar, the internet was opening to a strange page, and I couldn’t upload to SoundCloud.  I hate when that happens!  I tried running the anti-virus program and the malware program and CC Cleaner even.  But it kept coming back.  Dang it! (well ok, that’s not what I said!)

Good thing my husband is a Computer King.  He came home and killed it! He knows how to go into the registry, and all those other secret places that computers have.  It is amazing to watch, he just goes from screen to screen killing bugs!  Thank you Bob, you saved my day!  Yipee!  I can play again!

In honor of computer fun, I wrote a song a while back about this.  I have a strange sense of humor sometimes…

Just for fun…


© 2102 Diana Rasmussen

I’m turning off the tv, silencing my phone,
Putting away the game controller.
I’m turning off the tablet, and my mp3’s,
Here comes my anxiety!
God,You call me to come away with you,
I only have one question,
Do you have Internet?
I have to be connected,
I have alot of friends,
I only have one question,
Is there cat 5 in heaven?
Secret things and mysteries, revealed in Your presence.
All my prayers are answered, when I seek Your face.
Peace that surpasses, all my understanding,
Floods over me when I rest under your wings
Ending (speak)
One more question Lord..
Do I need a laptop?
Should I bring my phone up there?
How fast is your network?
Where can I plug in?
Do you have enough batteries up there?
God, what’s your network password to get in?
Do You have a mac or a pc?
Are You on Facebook at all?
Will You friend me?
Do you tweet?
Are you an xbox guy or playstaion?
Just one more question, just one more question…