Your Story Matters – Blog it!

Your story matters. It may not seem so right now. But you are not the only one going through it, that’s for sure. One of the the things I really like about blogging is that you get to meet people all over the world who may be going through the exact same situation. When I blog about depression, I get to meet others who are … Continue reading Your Story Matters – Blog it!

How to Make a Free Book or Blog Trailer

Sometimes in my travels I come across really good sites that help us Authors, Bloggers, and Musicians. I would like to introduce you to Animoto.  You can set up a free account and get started making a book trailer or even a trailer for your Blog.  They make it so easy.  There are templates included, and even music that you can add for free. Animoto … Continue reading How to Make a Free Book or Blog Trailer

120 Ways to Promote Your Blog – Infographic

I am part of a Women’s Entrepreneurs Group on LinkedIn and found this today. It was so amazing I just had to share it with all of my friends here! Source: Related articles Tips for Increasing the Value of Marketing Infographics ( New Infographic on Best Times to Post on Social Media Released by Internet Marketing Firm, ( How do You Use LinkedIn? [INFOGRAPHIC] … Continue reading 120 Ways to Promote Your Blog – Infographic

Oh no, was I speeding?

Daily Post – The Ghosts in Your Dashboard Your dashboard is the nerve center of your blog: it’s where your ideas come to life, and your creativity gives them shape. As writers, artists, and thinkers, we know inspiration can be sporadic and those moments of genius are fleeting — they come and go, which means that sometimes your literary flame burns out, and those bursts … Continue reading Oh no, was I speeding?

One Question

I was having fun today on my day off, until I downloaded a program and gave my computer a virus.  UGGGGGH!  I had a new toolbar, the internet was opening to a strange page, and I couldn’t upload to SoundCloud.  I hate when that happens!  I tried running the anti-virus program and the malware program and CC Cleaner even.  But it kept coming back.  Dang it! (well … Continue reading One Question