Oh no, was I speeding?

Daily Post – The Ghosts in Your Dashboard

Your WordPress.com dashboard is the nerve center of your blog: it’s where your ideas come to life, and your creativity gives them shape. As writers, artists, and thinkers, we know inspiration can be sporadic and those moments of genius are fleeting — they come and go, which means that sometimes your literary flame burns out, and those bursts of creation are short-lived.

The result? An abandoned idea. The dreaded draft, sitting in limbo, staring back at you. And so, we’re curious: what’s lurking in the drafts section of your dashboard?

From clker.com
From clker.com
Busted!  Yes officer,  I hoard Drafts!  But when I saw your flashing red and blue lights  I threw them all out the window.  Well, ok I kept 1.  You want to see it? Really?  Am I in some sort of trouble here? No I do not have  a license to carry it.  Why do I need a license?  Too much storage space, what do you mean?  I only have one!  Haven’t you ever startled a thought and then forgot what you were trying to say?  Haven’t you ever changed your mind?  or did you ever want to wait for the right time to post it?  Or have you written something so personal that you are not sure you want everyone else to read it?  Ok, ok, here it is.  How much is this gonna cost me?


I love Reggae!  Yep, too fun.  I can’t play it, it’s that off-beat thing.  At least not yet!  So I always appreciate a musician who can!  Voice of One brings God glory with every song!

Meet another Musician Friend of mine:

“Voice of OnE” From Tampa, FL USA

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  1. “Haven’t you ever startled a thought and then forgot what you were trying to say?” I loved this line! I didn’t know if you meant to say “startled” but it just brought a huge smile to my face, because I have felt more than once that I crept up on a thought and took it by surprise. But more often, it sneaks up on my blind side and startles me so much I forget what I was thinking beforehand, and if I don’t write it down right then, it hurtles itself out of my mind as fast as it came in.

    • Lol, well there I go thinking and typing again! I can soooo relate, we are such multi-taskers! How did they do that in the old days? Churn the butter with one hand, and scrub the laundry with the other? 😉 Thanks for stopping by, and for the laugh!

      • OK…this is just the teensiest bit weird with a capital “OOOHHH”! I had a reply typed out, and right before my very eyes (BOTH of them!) it disappeared, just as I was about to finish it. Nee nee NEE nee (imagine Twilight Zone here). What I was trying to say, before the drafty ghost blew through, was that I got inspired to finally write on one of my blogs after reading yours, and wanted to know if I could link to it, to show where the headwaters of my newfound creative juices sprang from.

        • Of course you can, thank you. I used to watch that show “Twilight Zone”, loved Rod Sterlings voice!

          I just have to….

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