Don’t Scream at Me

Don’t Scream at Me

Copyright 2013 Diana Rasmussen
Don’t scream at me
I’m not a child
Or naughty dog
Who messed the floor
Raising your voice
To the loudest
high frequency
Makes me tune out
put up my walls
If you want to
reach me, change me
It  will not be
with angry words
Or with finger
pointing condemnation
of everything
I have done wrong
Why do you focus
on all my faults
Telling me I don’t
measure up, I
knew this anyway
That’s why I came
to this holy place
I know my wrongs
I want to be
Forgiven, and set free
Must you point out
All my failures
And beat me with
a  giant stick?
I don’t think
that is love
By any means
or any ways
All have sinned
And fallen short
That’s why Jesus came
and died at Calvary
The truth be told
the only way to
touch my heart is
by showing me
His grace and love
I guess the thing
that scares me the
most, I have to
ask,  “Is that how
God talks to you?”


  1. That was very powerful, Diana. Thanks so much for sharing.

    Love you,

  2. Moses got himself into a boatload of trouble by representing God as being angry with the Israelites. It kept him out of the Promised Land. We would do well to learn from his mistake and not repeat it. We are not children of wrath, but children of His love.

    Great post – the picture is perfect!


    • thanks sis, it helps me to just get my feelings out – right or wrong, blogging is where I can share what I battle with. Love you and still praying for your son. Blessings and God’s supernatural protection to you and yours.

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