Depression and the Holidays


Holidays may bring upon an old “friend”.  Here is a poem I wrote about it, and a song my friend Nashville Joe wrote.  He lives in Florida!


©2013 Diana Rasmussen

Holiday blues

poisonous thoughts

paralyzing fears

unrealistic expectations

wrapped with bows

stockings filled

with sadness

hanging on the

chimney with care

red and green

lights blinking

feelings on and off

candy cane dreams

garland and bows

tinsel trappings

frozen in time

Click on Nashville Joe to hear his great Christmas Song CHRISTMAS BLUES!

More about Nashville Joe:

JOE HENDRICKSON–AKA–NASHVILLEJOE–POET/SONGWRITER/sometimes a PERFORMER/STORYTELLER ETC…-I spent so much time in Nashville ,Tennessee that everyone started calling me Nashvillejoe here where I live in Florida–even my mother calls me Nashvillejoe so I use it as my pen name–my two best friends–JIM and JON HAGER,starred on the hit TV show HEE HAW for 19 years-they both have passed on to that big HEE HAW show in the sky–I sure miss them old boys.THANK YOU for taking an interest in my 16.songs and 1.poem–I AM 23 YEARS SOBER NOW! & APPRECIATE BEING ALIVE–EASY DOES IT–CHEERS!–JOE.

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