Culture – Monroe, WI

Weekly Photo Challenge – Culture

My husband, Bob,  and I had a wonderful afternoon with Lee, Bob’s dad in Monroe, WI today.
I love Monroe, it’s known as the Swiss Cheese Capital of the World!

And once every two years they have CHEESE DAYS,  with the best cheese curds in the World!


  1. Cheese curds totally rock! We used to get ours in Rudolph whenever we came to visit grandparents. Alas, they’re gone and we don’t come “home” anymore.

    Fortunately, there’s a cheese factory on the coast who also sells cheese curds. Love that squeak!

  2. What a charming town! At first, I couldn’t figure out if the town was American or European. I love the architecture of Turner Hall.

    • Yep, here in good ‘ole Wisconsin, USA. Hey there! But it does take you to another time and place – A bit of Heaven on Earth!

  3. Did you say cheese curds? I love those squecky curds. It looks very European.

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