Thankful. Yep. It is a choice. Especially when the enemy continues to steal. And kill. And destroy. One of the things I have learned on my journey is that:



I can focus on what the enemy has stolen
I can focus on what God has restored.

The choice is mine. But whatever I look at will be magnified.

If I look at the bad, I will see more bad, and eventually be consumed by it.

If I look at the good, I will see more good, and eventually be consumed by that.

Good things

It has not been an easy few days here. As many of you know I am a musician. I made a YouTube video and long story short, I found out someone had stolen one of my instrumental songs and put it on iTunes, Amazon, and CDBaby with worldwide distribution.

Yes, I am angry. Yes, it was wrong. Yes, it was theft. But I have to make a choice. Will I let this theft consume me? NO! What they meant for evil God will use for good – He promised!  Today I choose to be thankful, thank you Jesus!


Philippians 4

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