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Let These Dead Bones Live- Part 1

Here is a life changing sermon THRIVING IN A MOMENT CALLED NOW by Pastor Derek Smith from Bolton, England. I admit it. I am in the valley of dry bones. God gave me the Word for 2014 was “My Cup Overflows.” And since then, things have dried up.  My ex still isn’t paying child support. I…

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Is Your Flesh Raping Your Soul?

Well, I knew after the last post, TO SIN OR NOT TO SIN, I would be “opening a can of worms”!  Law vs grace – it has been an issue ever since Jesus came. Here is an interesting comment I got from one of my followers on Google+.  I know there are some typos, but He…

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House of Cards – The Harbinger II

I came across this video today from Jonathan Cahn.  America is crumbling.  Our government is closed – shut down. We have cut GOD out of our schools, our government, and our finances.  The following are my views – my opinions. Take it or leave it. The bricks have fallen – the sycamore has fallen down…

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Let Our Praises Rise

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8SZOyVmM4c”>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8SZOyVmM4c LET OUR PRAISES RISE BY Ramey Whalen My voice is the sound of a thousand bells Hear me nations, *hear* Israel My song is the water of the purest well Hear me heaven, fear me hell My dance carries thunder from the throne of Yah Look at me, and know He is GOD! Let…

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