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Even in the Mess, God is Faithful

I know so many people going through trials. I have been there too. It is not always easy to see the light at the end of the tunnel when you are sitting in the dark. Sometimes, we lose faith. Sometimes we lose hope that we will make it through the storm. We are human, that…

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God is Not Limited

When I woke up this morning I heard the Holy Spirit speak, “God is not limited by your checkbook.” I didn’t get it for a while. Then later, it hit me. God is not limited at all! God is not limited by how much money I have or don’t have. He is a SupernaturalGod. It…

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But God is Faithful

I am finding that some days the Word is all I have to hold on to. I know God is up to something, I just can’t see it yet. I can feel it in my spirit. And when I read the Word it’s like I have a MixMaster going on inside of me. Have you…

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