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Every Mommy Has Her Favorite Perfume

Do you have a favorite perfume? I think everyone has a favorite. I like Channel – any of them. Yes, every Mommy has her favorite perfume. It’s funny how a simple fragrance can remind you of someone. The other day I sprayed some Channel on me and instantly remembered my mom’s perfume collection. She liked…

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Just Stand

Some days we can just stand. The battle is real. But that armor we put on – it’s not just for the Defense. We wear our armor because we are on the Offense! And as we praise and worship our King – He moves mountains!    We have the Word of God which is full…

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Speak to the spirit

Every now and again you hear a sermon that knocks your socks off.  Yep, Pastor Kermit was on fire today!  His message came from Ephesians 6. He said, if someone offends you, the battle is not with them. The battle is with the SPIRIT that is driving them. For example, if you run into an…

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