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Don’t Judge Scrooge by the Dead Man

So Scrooge returns to his cold, empty house and falls asleep. He gets a visit from his dead partner, Jacob Marley. He dreams of his past, present, and future. Scrooge was given a vision of where he would end up – unless he changed. Remember the children of “Ignorance” and “Want” in the Ghost’s coat? I think that was one of the creepiest parts of that movie! Scrooge had never seen them before. Or if he did, he turned away. What would happen if he looked away now? He would be judged. And left wanting. Remember the tombstone?

What did Ebenezer do when confronted with the truth?

He could have stayed the same. And ended up alone, and dead. Yet he was given an opportunity to change. He was still breathing. He still had life. When he saw the end of the story, he opened up his heart, and received the love of God. There is no love without God. There is no life without God. And Ebenezer saw that.

Ebenezer made a new choice – he repented. He received love and then he was able to give love. At once he awoke from his dream, safe and sound in his warm bed. He was so excited to be alive he shouted out the window wondering what day it was! And he started sharing. He bought that big turkey and brought it to Tiny Tim. He showered the Cratchit family with love and gifts. He went to his Nephew Fred’s house for dinner. His heart was changed. He was now a new man, a new creation. He was warm and loving and generous. Nothing like the old Ebenezer. The old man had died that night, the new Man was born – all after he met Love.

Guess what! It’s not too late! We can all change. Not by our effort, but through the power of God. That same power that raised Jesus from the dead lives in YOU with the Holy Spirit!

So this Christmas season don’t judge yourself or others by the dead man!

What’s done is done. Today is a new day full of hope and joy and opportunities! All things are made new once you have met Love – Jesus Christ. Love is greater than any pain, any abuse, or any hurt. The love of God is different from what you might have experienced so far. Open your heart and receive His love today, you will be made new!