Raise Up the Elijahs to Defeat the Jezebels

There are Elijahs and Jezebles in this world. And it’s a battle for power. It may be at work, at home, or at church – but these spirits are present. God tells us to test the spirits. Not every spirit is from God. And not every spirit is friendly.

I recently received an interesting comment on a blog post about Jezebel. You can read it here – STOP TOLERATING THE JEZEBEL SPIRITA person thought that the Spirit of Jezebel was just about sex. I have not found that to be true. Yes, the Spirit of Jezebel uses her sexuality to control others, but it’s more than that. So today I thought I would compare and contrast these two spirits.

Leave me a comment if you think of more characteristics to add to these – thanks!

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Spirit of Elijah

  • Stands up for truth and is bold and fearless

  • Has intimate relationship with God and receives instruction from God. (See 2 Kings 9)

  • Has the God given Authority to overthrow and overturn Jezebel and her kingdom

  • Is a Prophet and sees the future and declares it

  • Is a Minister of Fire and destroys the enemies of the Kingdom of God (See 1 Kings 18)

  • Confronts Jezebel and her blind followers



Source – churchofjezebel.com

Spirit of Jezebel

  • Seeks her own agenda. She is bold and fearless as well.

  • Uses Power and Control to manipulate and destroy others

  • Mocks God and His people

  • Uses Witchcraft and other dark arts

  • Puts herself on the throne and sees herself as God

  • Sets up her own false kingdom where the subjects worship her

  • Kills, steals, and destroys anyone who does not agree with her


Note to self – Elijahs and Jezebels can be men or women. Its not about gender – it’s a spirit.


2 Kings 9


As a body of Believers, let us pray for the Lord to raise up the Elijahs to defeat the Jezebels in our Churches, our Schools, our Workplaces and our Homes. Show us your glory Lord, and RAISE UP THE ELIJAHS TO DEFEAT THE JEZEBELS, in Jesus Name.





(Featured Image Source – https://ddclaywriter.wordpress.com/2013/07/28/elijah-going-postal-on-prophets-but-running-scared-from-jezebel/)


  1. I just wanted to add my understanding, for what its worth. Elijah went up against the false prophets, but he was not anointed to actually destroy Jezebel. Elijah is a major player against her and her witchcraft, however, Jehu is the one whom God anointed to destroy her. We need Jehu’s and Elijah’s in this generation!

  2. Forgive me Diana but it has just been bursting into my awareness lately that we want to raise up the Spirit of Jesus and his Father in all God’s children, the name above all names. Jesus said John the Baptist (who Jesus said carried the Spirit of Elijah) was the greatest of the prophets in the old covenant but the least in his Kingdom. We have been transferred from the dominion of darkness to the Kingdom of God’s Beloved Son and Christ in us is the hope of glory! I think we need to raise up Christ in every human being and overcome and conquer by being in Jesus, his Spirit in us! “I am the Vine and you are the branches, if you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit, apart from me you can do nothing” The branches are the same as the Vine; grapes on the Vine make wine not orange juice! I think we are setting our sight too low and looking to the past, turning into pillars of salt, when Jesus is, was and is to come, the living One with the keys. The church is the body of Christ and when we have Christ in us we are resting in his peace while he fights the battles. I think the focus is on help and deliverance from the past or on lesser names when Jesus is Lord and Savior now, here, and the mystery revealed is Christ in us, our Father above all and through all and in all. I don’t want to raise up Elijahs, I want to raise up Christ in us, in all, our all in all! Now is the day of salvation, now is the acceptable time, Christ is us is the hope of glory, not Elijah in us.

  3. You are so right, Diana. One other thing I would add is that Jezebels are not only outside the church. They masquerade as Elijahs and beguile their way into the body of believers.

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