How to Recognize a Witch that Comes to Church

After doing research on the Jezebel Spirit and how she was a witch, I decided to dig further. I am not an expert in this area. I am a willing vessel of the Lord and share what He shows me. It may be that I am more sensitive to this spirit because I have lived with it. Both of my exs had this spirit. And I have a sister who practices witchcraft and sorcery. I have seen this spirit and know it intimately. I have seen it operate in my home, in the workplace, and in churches. It can operate in a man or a woman. I have seen both.

I am not a fan of witchcraft – black or white. I have seen too many people get deceived by spirits. I search these things out to learn more – from both sides of the fence.

I do find it interesting that both Christians and Witches have this phobia of each other. It’s insane. We all worship something. I am not here to bash what you worship. And I hope you are not here to bash what I worship. Let’s just agree to disagree ok?


 Now it happened, when Joram saw Jehu, that he said, “Is it peace, Jehu?”

So he answered, “What peace, as long as the harlotries of your mother Jezebel and her witchcraft are so many?” (2 Kings 9:22 NKJV)


Here are my sermon notes from Derek Prince’s YouTube video on Witchcraft – Part 1


Anytime that you get domination by one person over another the force behind this is evil and very often it is actually witchcraft.  Sorcery can work through objects, music, etc. But witchcraft is a dominating satanic force, it is the force that dominates, captivates, and controls. And it works by spells, by curses, and personal domination.

It is NEVER the will of God for one person to DOMINATE another. Anytime you get domination of one person over another the force behind it is evil. That is witchcraft. Wives should not dominate husbands; Husbands should not dominate their wives; Parents should not dominate their children. Pastors should not dominate congregations. The Spiritual is one thing, but the soulish man is another.

Heavenly Versus Demonic Wisdom

Who is wise and understanding among you? Let him show by good conduct that his works are done in the meekness of wisdom. But if you have bitter envy and self-seeking in your hearts, do not boast and lie against the truth. This wisdom does not descend from above, but is earthly, sensual, demonic. For where envy and self-seeking exist, confusion and every evil thing are there. But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, willing to yield, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality and without hypocrisy. Now the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace by those who make peace. (James 3:13-18)


When anybody tries to get somebody to do what they want them to, they are in the ‘soulish’ and it often enters into the demonic. There is a down-gredation. (Earthy, soulish, demonic). Much prayer is soulish. Prayer is not a way to get God to do what we want Him to do. Prayer is not a way to get other people to do what we want them to do. Soulish prayers do not bring the Spirit of God into it but they bring dark, evil, and oppressive power (earthly ,soulish, demonic).

When a person, in the name of being ‘spiritual’,  becomes soulish in order to assert to exert his own will over another, express his own personality, get his own desires and ambitions fulfilled, get other people doing what they want, (and it’s usually a woman) that person is in danger of coming under the influence of witchcraft. 




 According to Derek Prince there are 2 types of witches.

1. Those that know they are witches. They practice with curses and spells. They intend to be witches. They cultivate it. They deal in Satan’s power.

2.  Those that do not know that they are witches, and other people do not know they are witches. She is more dangerous. She is usually a good church member. But she is bent on controlling others. (we call them Jezebels)

  • Pentecostal Witches – Operate in Pentecostal congregations and try to control the Pastor and the Congregation.
  • Charismatic Witches – Operate in home prayer groups and try to control the prayer group and their husbands as well.



  • There is a domination present – Many, many  women unwillingly dominate their husbands and their families. They try to get everybody doing what they think they should be doing, usually with the best of intentions.  In those homes the husband never really takes his place of headship in the family. Though he may be very successful in business, he never develops into the full spiritual person at home due to the pressure in the home that keeps him from developing –  that pressure is witchcraft in the wife.
  • It usually produces rebellion in the children.
  • It causes a home to break up.
  • Witchcraft is the #1 home-breaker in the World.
  • It is the prevalence of witchcraft in the US that causes 1 out of every 2 marriages to end in divorce.
  • Broken homes are in direct proportion to the power of witchcraft in a Nation.
  • Measured by that standard, the United States has more witchcraft at work here than any other Nation on the Earth!


But there is hope. There is peace. There is deliverance available. Have your Pastor pray with you and be delivered today from this spirit. Ladies, let your husbands be all who God made them to be. We are not their Holy Spirit. Let go of trying to control your men. God can heal them just like he heals us.

For those seeking deliverance – a word of caution – get a bucket. Often times when you are delivered from this spirit it may come out as a ‘black slime’ as it did in me. Yes, I have been delivered from witchcraft. I know. Repent today, and know peace again. There is hope my friends. Jesus still heals and delivers. And GOD is on the throne, not Jezebel!


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  1. Your videos by Derek Prince were taken down due to the account being suspended. Try this one but there are three more, the notes here are not that good but the videos are excellent. DP also has many books on Amazon.

  2. My name I am called the chief Bible scholar. says:

    Good afternoon this is the CEO of holy flows Ministry you have the wrong concept of the spirit of Jezebel Jezebel is a more serious word that mostly calmly be used among church members which it should not be used or taken for granted in this form shape of fashion the spirit of Jezebel was very deceiving she was a child sacrifice offer to Sun God she has no part of the church she was not a woman of hypocritical listen she was a pig and worship Jezebel belongs to a royal family father was named Isabel she was a princess Mary have which was a King of Judea these are names most people using the church, I do respect your statement but you have the wrong output and understanding it can mislead the thoughts of people how they think a look upon the spirit of the woman of Jezebel Jezebel was an atheist she did not believe in Jesus Christ being the Son of God she had our own thoughts of belief they worship the same God this is a serious Spirit most people use that name, through the church when it should be not allowed to be brought into the house of God cuz it’s such a very upset Demonte. Moves that brings evil thoughts in people’s mind it should not be used in the house of God we need to evaluate do more research on the name of Jezebel so we won’t take it for granted I do appreciate you leaving a space for me to State my comments and I pray you’ll continue to the Lord that we continue to link up with the word of God you have a blessed day

  3. the children of the Lord don’t have to go to church these is why God hates religion look at all the things you are saying I will give you a brief thing you mixing truth with lies this is why God hates religion al people are different that how God created everyone different emotion different personality n relationships look what you are saying this is why you or me or no one can judge only God u can give Davie but not the way you saying it u said (Charismatic Witches – Operate in home prayer groups and try to control the prayer group and their husbands as well) that’s one so if a husband was did bad things to that women n now she want to be a prayer warrior to change her husband for good is bad get your facts right be more specific cause I’m going to tell u that there is man that make a women become that way when they been good to them they do negative things to change a women for there wants n needs then when a women is glorifying God n trying now to put the house in order she a controller and likewise vise versa as well I’m going to tell you that I know that Jezebel spirit that is someone putting inning the innocent of this world ok to do evil I’m a living proof with my testimony I was raised right met a first man who was Christian n always made me felt like shit then I have a husband that got me in to all his wicked ways you name it n now after years of suffering in his control the lord Jesus Christ saved me not for my wicked sins no the wicked of the world there’s a difference big one if you find the perfect husband or wife the house and everything n that person trying to get you away from evil but that person decides to literally change u for evil what do you call that please tell me purposely evil right n now I’m saved I pray I have been healed in the name of Jesus n that man don’t stop you say control no sorry you don’t know everyone stories in the world only God does that’s why he could judge cause he knows the heart so do me a big favorite I won’t dare go to a church that Saids only lies because of the business because that’s what it is it’s a real business God is going to destroy the wicked church in the name of Jesus

  4. I found this super funny. OMG really this what people from the church think. “Let see if there a witch sitting next to me today” omg lol. Witchcraft comes from.many shape and sizes no not all practice with satan. Witch here who also goes to church because I do still believe in God but plot twist I practice magick. Magick comes in many shape and forms not just white or dark witch there herbal, green, spirit, ect. Basically there are many different types some practice magick some don’t. Some practice in the arts of folk magic which whoa you do at home most likely. That thing your grandma did before she cooked or that saying you just said what too is mostly likely folk magick. I do not mind people expressing their opinion but please research both sides before posting. I understand the Bible side because I’m on that side and magick side I do not practice with satan nor do I practice with evil spirits. There alot that has to go down to be deceived. It not impossible but it not easy. There alot of barriers said evil spirit may have to go through and in the end the person must be weak enough for that spirit to attach or harm or influence them. I know there are newbies out there that when it be easy. Being the fact they are jumping into something that takes most witches years to master. Please if u have questions I do not mind answering because I rather someone be informed than going away blind.

  5. Thank you for your interesting article bless you

  6. Hello…can a witch(my sister)operate through those around me in my home

    • Its a spirit thing, and yes, whatever you allow in your home has free access. I had a girl living with me for about 6 months. I thought I was helping her. I was wrong. Her deceptions and the spirits she carried brought destruction. She didn’t want deliverance, she wanted an audience and a playground. I helped her move out and get her own place, and my family knows peace again. There was a cost. 2 kids suddenly came down with anxiety. I lost my job. We lost that house after finances dried up. Never again will I let that spirit in. I cut all ties with her. We are safe and blessed today.

  7. There is a woman in my church who fits the description here of a witch or Jezebel. I would characterize her as having a psychopathic personality disorder. My denomination is Christian Science. It teaches how to use the power of God, the divine Mind, to heal and bless, but the method can be subverted to use of the human mind, will-power or hypnotism to heal and to hurt. The woman in my church is a Christian Science practitioner, but I am certain she is a practitioner of mind healing, not spiritual healing. Christian Science uses the term ‘mental malpractice’ to refer to use of human mind to hurt others, as this woman has does. The founder of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy, defined the qualities of the malicious hypnotic mind as “a stolid moral sense; great lack of spiritual sentiments; the desire to subjugate; unsurpassed secretiveness masked by innocence and youth.” Mental malpractice gradually destroys the mind the person who engages in it leading to insanity.
    Christian Science teaches us how to defend ourselves against mental malpractice. Daily study of the Bible and other spiritual literature, prayer and watching our own thinking are vital. It is important to impersonalize the evil. We forgive and love the person and address the impersonal evil operating as their mind. In our prayers, we acknowledge the all-power of God and consequent lack of power of evil. We strive to follow the advice in Philippians 4:8: to keep our thoughts on things that are true, honest, just, pure, lovely and of good report, virtue, and praise. Building on this idea, Mary Baker Eddy wrote: “Evil thoughts, lusts, and malicious purposes cannot go forth, like wandering pollen, from one human mind to another, finding unsuspected lodgement, if virtue and truth build a strong defence.”

  8. I am not from here but do believe in spirits I have seen and felt things like no other has before I have to to a young girl here about wicken and I am one of god son I feel like I carry. Very high god spirit best way I can explain but she is worried about few hew here as if there souls are gone just been around them and pray to god we can help them just wanted share this mate we need look in it more not crazy or nothing like that but I do get a feel the girl talked to make lot sense

    • I wouldn’t know, I don’t go to church everyday. God is with us and in us so it’s not really about the building.

      And it’s usually people who do the attacking. There is a spirit or two behind it, that’s for sure.

    • Ask the lord he know your beginning & the end his the Lord this person is confusing everyone because Remember what it said in one of the post Charismatic Witches – Operate in home prayer groups and try to control the prayer group and their husbands as well seriously I will tell u something trust God & don’t trust the deceived wickedness of this world

  9. I am surprised at the way you respond to your commentors.
    Those who believe in “satanic evil witches” and believe this YouTube guy is correct, you basically agree with them. Go read what you’ve written. You’ll see I’m right.
    Then for those who defend Wicca or provide an alternate viewpoint, you defend the (at times inaccurate/ offensive) statements of this post, and quote your source, as if that erases your complicity.
    Do you understand what I mean? You agree with this YouTube man’s teachings but then distance yourself by saying, “His words, not mine”. Accept some responsibility, please. You have perpetuated and engaged with his beliefs without counter-arguing with other valid, unbiased sources (although your YouTube source is not unbiased …).

    All this talk of dominating women concerns me. There is this emphasis, I see, of females being witches, of submitting to the god-given authority bestowed on their husbands. I am left feeling ill at ease and nauseous at this very clear insinuation that the husband is, per God’s desire, the leader, the authoritarian. For the sake of a religious argument, let’s use your religion. Adam and Eve were created equal, were they not? Was she not made as his companion? She was never his subordinate, to be told ‘what to do’ by Adam.
    Furthermore, you incite panic with this ill-researched talk of manipulative women. I see souls here already speaking of how their wives may be witches. In the vein of the catholic argument, they are consorting with Satan. People here are this saying *their wives consort with satan because they’re witches*; thus, they’re evil and will burn in hell because one must not suffer a witch to live’. Be careful. Talks without all sides of the matter (I.e the pagan viewpoints, etc) can be dangerous and damaging.

    Let us bypass the fact that witches believe basically in “karma” and most would thus not harm another, if for no other reason than self preservation; let’s ignore that the vast majority of witches don’t believe their powers come from satan; let’s ignore that most are rock-loving, plant-cultivating, moon-gazing people. Let’s bypass this and so much more and say simply, ‘An’ it harm none, do what ye will’.

    I’d like to point out that God is all-loving. He is good. Yet I have seen the sentence that God hates Witches. Is God not forgiving? Does he not love all his children, no matter how supposedly “misguided”? Was the bible not written by humans, and thus tainted by their (at times) closed-minded beliefs?

    Please reassess your perspective on Wicca. Or not. Just realise it is as valid as Christianity, as powerful, as loved and at times hated and reviled.
    Stop being so afraid. 🙂 Just love and be the best person you can be and let go of your fears.

    Apologies for any errors. I’m writing this on a very small screen with little time to spare.

    I’m not trying to be rude or mean, by the way. I’m trying to show you the ramifications of paradigms such as yours (or the YouTube guy and so many others ….).

    I wish you a good life ~

    • We are all here on planet Earth finding our way. Perhaps I bring these things up to see both sides.
      I get tired of all the fighting going on. I have to say this post has the most comments of all the posts I have written. It brings out comments from both sides of the table and
      I like conversation. There are always two sides to the story. I dont want to fight with anyone. Peace be with you. God bless you Angela, Diana

      • That is a very mature way of looking at things. The most controversial topics always get the most comments.
        I can see you don’t want to fight with anyone. I apologize if my earlier post made you think that I did, or that I thought you wanted to. I was expressing my own thoughts, as, coming from a catholic environment, there was a lot of fear and anger around pagans / Wicca, etc.

        I hope you’ve learned a lot from the conversations 🙂

        And with your spirit ~
        God bless you, Diana.


      • I totally understand but you should know the truth of both side before you come here & post something that is not in everybody like I said God created everyone different n like I said about if you of good fruit n marry someone n never judged n helped that man or women all the man or women try to take the good fruit n turn it in to them which soul ties for his wants n need n then the women has become like that person ways of evil n that person because now who u use to be and can’t understand for years why they suffering but then God heals that man or women & that man still wants to do evil to that women because she saved that women is me what will you consider who knows me God N you will see who I really am I am who I’am n no man or women of this world could say that a person is controlling or evil when you don’t know who did that to them when you don’t know the trials believe in the Lord his so real right now as you reading this your starting to understand that God knows his seeker his meekness his children that love them n try’s n try’s to be bold n righteous but you should know the enemy comes to Steal listen Steal you know what that represents also the person who God made u me to be and everyone because the devil wants what God children have the devil also devours think about devours he got satisfy from destroying n stealing that he want to still see you happy with the lord but then comes to eat all that up again to devour u n trying ur trust faith love with God I hope u understand no one is mad or upset you just have to understand children of God are suffering more especially the ones with faith all in our hearts n no one can look at a heart so close life the lord because his all the dr the lawyer the judge the teacher the giver the friend the parent you get me I pray for you to seek him more in your four walls alone because in church you won’t find him the church is the home the family the relationship u go in life everyday May God bless you in the name of jesus

    • Okg yes finally someone who can teach rather than fight.

  10. I know this post was made years ago, and maybe you changed you mind about the subject, but I need to say a ”few” things.
    I have a big question. Where did you even get these ”statistics”? Because all I need is a google search to tell me that your sources are wrong.
    When I saw that when the husband isn’t the ”leader” of the house, it’s because of pressure of the witch and all that other shbang that it destroys families and marriages, I started laughing my ass off (you know, ”laught so you don’t cry”). Goodness, who takes a planet with more that 7 billion people, full with diverse cultures and mindsets, and comes to the conclusion that witchcraft is the source of all evil? Because if it was, boy, solving the world’s problems would be soo easy.
    What is even your image of witchcraft? Satanic rituals and chanting? Sacrificing animals, while me and my black cat crackle maniacally? Curses and hexes going left and right, while dressing in nothing but black? Because all I do is collect rocks and crystals, talk to plants, drink lots of tea, meditate and yell at the moon because I need money. I’ve seen a guy eating a sandwish, watching a mexican series and doing a tarot reading, all at the same time. I’ve seen posts on the internet talking about doing blessings for family and friends, minorities and even refugees, and people talking about cursing nazis so they trip on their own feet (expecially after all that horror that happend recently in Charlottesville).
    Witchcraft isn’t what Hollywood, a deeply religious person who never knew anything else, or some random person who just read a few fantasy books, tells you it is. The biggest danger of witchcraft is just the possibility of setting the house on fire with candles and accidentally atracting bad spirts. Which, I have to add, that not every witch deals with spirits and demons. Like me. I’m what you would call an Earth Witch, which means I deal with plants, crystals and other things related to that element (I may or may not have a jar full of dirt, a la Jack Sparrow, in my room). The other danger of witchcraft is the possibility of getting poisoned, if you don’t do your research, when you plan to mix and eat certain herbs.
    BY THE WAY, male witches are a thing! Not to mention there’s also tons of Christian witches, as well! And everyone’s fine.
    Are there any bad witches? Well, considering that witches are still people, yes. Just like there are bad christians. But we can’t generalize, because that’s just one of the biggest fallacies there are. This kind of ignorant behavior hurts people, you know? Because I can see right away that the only research you did was from biased sources that don’t understand what witches are and it ends up seriosly looking like a basic children’s book.
    Okay, rant over. Sorry for any english mistakes, it’s not my native language. Have a nice day, if you deserve it.

    • Thanks for your insight. I am not against witches. I am not even on a witch hunt like you think. If you notice, these are my notes from a sermon I watched:
      “Here are my sermon notes from Derek Prince’s YouTube video on Witchcraft – Part 1. Not my statistics.”

      Not my rant.

      Why did I post this? To get answers from BOTH sides. I appreciate your input. Thank you for posting.

  11. I believe my about to be former MIL could be a witch. She has dominated my husband who dominates me. She has tried to get rid of me in more ways than one and has told lies about me to my husband, We are currently separated with a divorce pending. Found out she was telling my husband that when he would leave for work that I was out with other men. THIS is a lie. My husband in turn has told people verbally or in emails that I have been unfaithful, ran up debt, etc. Also a lie. My MIL does not just do this to me but her daughters were smart enough not to allow their mother to live with them after marriage which in 24 years of marriage, two thirds my MIL lived with me. I have done much for her. She goes to church and pretends to be slain in the Spirit, etc. My husband will never believe there is a spirit of witchcraft on this woman. Hence the divorce, since he was listening to her and becoming emotionally abusive including breaking things of mine or our youngest sons in the house. He kicked us out because of his mom.

    • I am sorry you have to go through this. God knows. I had to go through divorce too due to unfaithfulness. My ex used to accuse me of this all the time, when he was the one being unfaithful. God will lead you beside quiet waters, He is faithful. Praying for you, Diana

  12. Personally I believe that people can be far too fixated on Jezebel being female. In fact the Bible tells us that Jezebel had 400 male servants to do her bidding, which would mean they were male witches. There are many more male witches in the Bible than female, although they may not have been identified as using witchcraft, in fact they did and so they were witches just the same.

    I do see males Christian and non-Christian – as well as females – in the world today as often very controlling, not in a godly way – as with Christ as the Head and to love the woman as Christ loved the church, and gave up his life for her.

    The danger is that if a man behaves wrongly somehow, selfishly or immaturely, provoking a woman to behave in a controlling or motherly way, then she will get the blame for having a Jezebel spirit, when in fact that may or may not be the case.

    So I believe it is important to be clear that the Jezebel spirit often works through men as well as women, or men can be supportive of, or promote others, female or male, who are practicing witchcraft of one sort or another.

    Jezebel spirits are spirits of controlling – also religion – and men can be and often are very controlling, and not in a ‘godly’ way but just because they are selfish or want to manipulate things to go their way to serve their own ego. That of course could include labeling women who didn’t go along with them as Jezebels, when that might not in fact be the case.

    • Thankyouuuuuuu hallelujah!!!!!!! There God send you here I was praying for someone like you to post this exactly Come lord my saviour come n let everyone no the truth of the wicked man and women of this world God is not focus what you studied what color you are what religion you believe he wants to save you from the evil world the evil man n women say the lies for you can never know the truth praise Jesus Thankyou may God bless you in in the name of Jesus for speaking truth love one another said the Lord of lord the father of all fathers the king of all kings the almighty glory God in the name of Jesus Christ n the holyspirit amen

    • Thankyouuuuuuu hallelujah!!!!!!! There God send you here I was praying for someone like you to post this exactly Come lord my saviour come n let everyone no the truth of the wicked man and women of this world God is not focus what you studied what color you are what religion you believe he wants to save you from the evil world the evil man n women say the lies for you can never know the truth praise Jesus Thankyou may God bless you in in the name of Jesus for speaking truth love one another said the Lord of lord the father of all fathers the king of all kings the almighty glory God in the name of Jesus Christ n the holyspirit amen

  13. Esther and Phil r
    We choose to go with Jesus Christ our one and only savior.

  14. I get so absolutely tired of hearing that witches worship the devil or deal in Satan’s power. To most of us, Satan is nonexistent and a Christian concept that we simply don’t believe in.

    It’s misinformed people like this that continue talking about things they know nothing about that hurts us, and paganism in general.

    • Not my video. Everyone has their thoughts on God, Satan, and witches. Thank you for your thoughts. I appreciate your input and perspective. Blessings, Diana

      • go to a mental institution. Yo are not normal…

        • no you are not normal for disregarding the fact that she accepted your opinion without insulting you. Further more if you are a witch who cast spells, you are twisting what is to be. around what you want it to be. There is nothing more satanic than that. It doesn’t matter what oyu fool yourself to believe, there are people from you own sector who openly admit that Satan, and God do exist. And they choose Satan, you saying Satan doesn’t exist is the akin to the faithful wife who ignores her cheating husband.

  15. Thank you very much for this write up. It confirms what I had for long seen and suspected in my wife. Sometimes this woman goes out of her senses and starts controlling me in the house. She would want me to be following her order/instructions when I’m not a fool. Sometimes when she realizes that I’m about to do something, she quickly puts in her voice, asking me to do that very thing. This has pissed me up many a times and I have warned her against this habit which I had before now suspected to be a sort of witchcraft manipulation. I know what to do from now forward. Once again, thank you very much. – Peter S. Ehima.

  16. Are we living in the 1800s? The leading cause of divorce in modern America is adultery. Adultery which is fueled by immoral internet sites. Modern day Americans no longer find adultery to be shocking and shameful. The true evil in this country is that we have lost our moral compass. I suggest we start focusing more on the fact that modern Christians are not following the Ten Commandments then blaming our problems on people with different views.

  17. Don’t lose your nerve when speaking the truth. Also, there is no such thing as a good witch. People who worship created things (even lessor spirits) over the Creator Father God are practicing idolatry. This is a serious sin that God the Father hates. Reincarnation is a religious belief which tricks people into believing they can escape the judgment of God when they die. They think they can just get do over after do over. A similar false teaching is that of purgatory. Another false teaching even amongst so-called Christians is that there is no hell. All of these false teachings take away the personal responsibility for sin. Everyone will answer for what they’ve done. This is why God is honorable, just and fair. No unrepentant and unconfessed murderer or adulterer will escape. The bible is clear when it says we are appointed once to die and then comes the judgment. There are hundreds of people who died and came back to life and tell of going to the real heaven or hell. This was not reincarnation because they returned to the same body. Listen to their testimonies on YouTube. I’ve personally seen parts of both heaven and hell. What’s worse is that people take their own sexual bias and apply it to God who is Spirit. Most of this comes from ancient paganistic fertility religions which used sexual practices as a form of worship…some more disgusting than others. This sense of dualism of male vs female is in most all false religions. It is very appealing because it exalts the flesh and most often the woman who feels or often is oppressed by a man or men. So they exalt their womb and breasts by serving ancient goddesses (actually demons, Nephilim) which took credit for everything from the harvest to the birth of children. But despite all this God had mercy on us and paid for our sins through his own blood. The only sin that remains is the rejection of his sacrifice for us. This is why the scripture says when we sin we crucify Christ again. Look carefully through the scriptures and you will see that God describes aspects of himself as female, but most often as male. In the Spirit, there is no male and female. Jesus said this. Evil spirits often masquerade as spirit guides etc. They need us, they study us, and they hunt us as prey, but we don’t need them. They need a house (us), an anchor and through us desire to manifest all the sins they used to do when they had bodies. They are the Nephilim, the fallen ones which God has already rejected. Try to get rid of them, and they’ll reveal their true nature. They don’t love or care for us. I speak from experience. But God had mercy on us and paid for our sins through his own blood. The only sin that remains is the rejection of his sacrifice for us. This is why the scripture says when we sin we crucify Christ again. I really hope all sinners, saints and people in between understand this and save themselves through faith in Christ alone. If you don’t know or don’t believe he’s real, or if you just believe he’s a teacher, a prophet or whatever, ask him to reveal himself to you so you can come to know him as God and as a loving Father and Mother. Why believe me? Doesn’t God have his own mouth? The question is when he speaks, will you be willing to listen?

    • Thank you Samantha – you are so right. I really appreciate you and I pray abundant blessings upon you! Diana

    • Love when people think they know more about our religion than we do lol I have been studying for years and there are no devils, spells are just prayers with props, and most believe in Karma so we get back what we’ve sent out. Please quit presuming all these awful things about witches. This is getting rediculous…

      • Thank you for your perspective. This post was written from taking notes on a YouTube video by Derek Prince –

  18. What about that prisoner that had his psych tapped and was hypnotized to do crime? He became just another number. The saddest part is is that he believed he was guilty… They use domination. They kept saying” you’re dominated” before they start hypnotizing you, they snap their fingers. They pull your concience. They give you “brain locks” so that you can’t say anything about them using witchcraft on you. They ask you certain questions and by your response they know if you’re trying to get help, or if someone is trying to help you. Then they hypnotize you to do embarrassing and humiliating things so nobody will want to help you…You do not belong to them. They are evil.

    • Yes, they are evil. There are always people looking to dominate others and use power and control to abuse others. But God is greater. He forgives you and forgives me. We were looking for truth and deliverance and found the opposite. I pray you heal our hearts and by the Blood of Jesus we declare that He who the Son sets free is free indeed!

      • I am so sorry you were hurt. God says that “vengeance is mine, I will repay.” Let’s watch and see what God will do…

  19. Q- Is it considered to be a ‘Domination spirit’ (ie ; Jezebel), for church leaders to control whether or not their members hold regular prayer meetings in their own homes/?

  20. Impacting message. Thank you so much. God bless your ministry

  21. It was awesome verygood describing the spirit of controlling jezebel

  22. hi sir,

    I am really worried that judging by the points you might have raised that I suspect my wife or someone in her family to be using witchcraft.
    Her family are respected people in the churches they attend but I honestly don’t trust them

  23. If only closed minds came with closed mouths. A witch is not the same as a malicious individual who worships Satan. Your ignorance astounds me and I can assure you, I would much rather be considered a heathen than a sanctified hypocrite. Who are you to judge the belief systems of others? I use my abilities for the wellness of others and happen to be a firm believer in proliferating kindness. We are not hurting anyone. Misinterpretation of a belief at it’s finest. Gather your pitchforks and light the fires. This is not 1692.

  24. […] have been silent the last few days. After my last blog post about “How to Recognize a Witch that comes to Church” I have been bombarded by negative comments from practicing witches. Especially on my Tumblr […]

  25. Hi, it’s the first time I have seen your blog, honestly I don’t know where you are coming from. But as a Wiccan and a witch I have to say that this hurts me. I know there are many witches out there who do take power and control over others through their magic, at the same time; many of us don’t, myself included. I am speaking mainly of Wiccans who have a rule “an ye harm non do what ye will” we are not allowed to harm others, this includes placing a spell on others without their prior permission or worse controlling them in any way. We also believe that any negativity we release will be returned to us 3 times as strong, as such we try to only release positive energy into the world. As for dealing with curses and Satan, well most wiccans don’t curse others as this is negative energy. And Satan? We don’t believe in him, let alone hell. We are not evil, we deal with nature and its beauty and balance. The love and energy from the moon, sun and earth. Yes, there are some that dabble with evil, but please do not lump us all together. We are not all evil, and it really hurts me to see people who still believe in such things. Just as there are evil doers who are Catholic or Christian, the same goes for witches. I just wanted to clear this up, as I don’t want this old belief that we are all evil to stay. Thank you for your time, and thank you for reading this.

    • Thank you cat for your thoughts. It was not my intention to hurt you. Please forgive me. My intent in this post was to share what Derek Prince teaches about the spirit of power and control in the Christian setting. In my opinion we are all searching for Peace and Power. And I have found in every community there are those that abuse this power. This post was meant to point out that the spirit of power and control has no place in the church.

      I appreciate your insight into Wicca, I have been a Christian for the last 20 years and although we worship different things, we all worship something. It’s a choice. I choose to worship Jesus. We all have free will and get to choose for ourselves. I was not aware that Wiccans did not believe in Satan. Help me understand then – what is the source of evil we see in the world then? If there is no Satan or no Hell in Wicca, what happens when you die? I believe that when we die our spirit goes to Heaven and that Jesus will come again as King of Kings to judge the living and the dead. And I believe that there is a new life available to those who believe on Him. As a former domestic violence victim, Jesus is the only God who has given me hope and peace and a new life.

      I must say that on Tumblr there have been 17 other reblogs of this post from witches with comments that are not so nice. My Tumblr page is at:
      Check it out if you have time. Thanks again cat, Diana

      • Hello again, thank you so much for replying. And i am glad to hear that you are such a kind and open minded person. There is nothing to forgive, saying i was hurt was a bit harsh, i was simply surprised. I agree that there is abuse of power in every religion and that it is not supposed to be there as religion is our peace and salvation. I agree that this controlling power has no place in the church or any religion.

        I am very sorry to hear that you suffered from domestic violence, and i am elated that you have found Jesus and that you have found peace through Him. Please never loose faith in something that has given you new life. More power to you and your God. I still believe in Jesus in a way, and I’m happy you are so enlightened by Him.

        I’m also glad to know i was able to shed some light on Wicca, as a former Roman Catholic turned Wiccan, i would be more than honored to explain more. Most of us don’t believe in Satan or hell that is true, and as a former Catholic this confused me at first. Here is how i have come to understand it: Evil comes from us. It comes from humans, from the anger, resentment, hate, lust, greed and all negativity we throw into the world. It cultivates itself and creates evil. Our own negativity is thrown into the universe, and since we are human, it affects us. It can cause a calm and sweet person to snap and kill others. For some it lingers in homes and slowly cultivates itself in a child. This is why we try so hard to teach children to be good and kind and not throw negativity into the world. As for heaven and hell, well we have Summerland. Our eternal resting place of sorts, like heaven or nirvana it is peaceful and beautiful. Only difference is we believe in reincarnation. The general belief is that we are here on earth to learn certain lessons and do certain things, like a testing period. When we die we go up to Summerland and see how we did. We go over every lesson we should have learned, and then we are reborn with no memory and try to learn whatever lesson we missed. We do this until we are truly happy and have learned all we need to. Then we get to join our God and/or Goddess in eternal peace. It differs from person to person but as i said that is the general belief. As for those who have lead a “bad” life, it’s the same thing, they must learn and be truly sorry and understand what they have done, then they are reborn to try again. We also believe that our Gods and/or Goddesses are always with us and around us, so we don’t have the common belief that they will come to earth again.

        I also apologize for any negative comments that you have received, there are some witches in the community who don;t take this sort of stuff “calmly”. I am glad i was able to speak to you, you are truly a lovely person. Please don;t hold any negativity against those who commented badly on tumblr, that is just their own way.

        Have a great day,
        ps: tumblr is onyxcrimsonrose (i’ll re-blog this post and explain what you told me. You don’t need to receive hate for this)
        and btw, when i comment the font is all in white against a very light creamy background, it’s very hard to read. 🙂 just a heads up

        • Thank you so much cat. I appreciate your insight and your willingness to share your beliefs.

          And I’ll change the theme color of my blog. Thanks for the heads up. Have a blessed day beautiful and peace to you, Diana

        • hi cat i am a new witch and i wanted to ask can witches touch water

    • I agree Michael. I understand he has a lot of books out too. I might have to go to the library and learn more. Have a wonderful day my friend! Diana

  26. Been there done that. This is indeed a wicked spirit. It usually teams up with religion and witchcraft.

      • I’ve had many dealings with this spirit. This is the spirit that is emasclating father’s today and destroying homes. Me are portrayed as idiots on TV while the wives are potrayed as the wise ones. Men are told that they do not have a leadership role in the home. Women are told that they’re crazy for submitting to a godly husband.

        • That is so true Tony. And it is so wrong. God has given men such authority here on Earth. Let all us wives honor them the way God intended. Blessings, Diana

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