Got Real Faith?

I read this on FB last night and it really opened up my eyes to what real faith looks like. And truthfully,  how selfish I have been. Why do we humans always think everything is about us? How much faith we have or don’t have, how much we do this or don’t do that, etc. Then we ‘measure’ ourselves against others and what they are doing or not doing. Uggggh – no wonder I missed the boat!

What if Real Faith was not about us –

but about His faith for us?

I found Pastor J.S. Park  here at WordPress and he always makes me think. (Click on his name to see his blog) I mean just look at his blog and byline:

“Atheist Turned Pastor: A Blog For Busted-Up, Beat-Down Christians (Like Me)”

I want to read more already!

 What if faith is not based on the strength of your belief, but in The One who gave you that faith?

What if faith is not based on the amount you know, but in The One who knows you?

What if faith that is even feeble weak dried up half-steps towards Him is just enough for the next step?

What if faith is not measured in religious metrics like Bible-reading and church attendance and prayer time and loud singing, but in your messy love for Him and the people He has made?

What if faith was not about the mountains you could shake, but about the Son who climbed a hill with a cross to save you?

What if faith was preached in the pulpit not as a critical barometer of your works, but as the source we draw from for the work itself?

What if faith is just dang difficult, and God knew that, so He sent His Son who welcomed all doubts, questions, and confusion, and became the answer on a cross?

— J.S.

Yes, faith is that sloppy, messy, wet kiss. Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we don’t see. That force that is alive and moving between us and God. It brings us hope when we run out. Faith connects us to God – like WiFi!

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