He Knows Your Poverty

© 2013 Diana Rasmussen

from dilsedesiblog.blogspot.com
from dilsedesiblog.blogspot.com

Did you ever wonder why
the King of the sky
would leave Heaven above
come to Earth with love
to join us in our poverty
When you run out of money
before the end of the month
and choose between diapers
and gas for work
pawn all of your stuff
for a bag of groceries
And you use what you have
for all that you can
cause that is all
that you’ve got
And you pray that someday
it won’t be like this
as you tell the kids
no not today
just because
He sees all your tears
and collects every one
in a jar up in Heaven
to shower you soon
with blessings instead
of the pain that life brings
For the promise He’s given
Do not fear, I’ll provide
when you’re weak,
then I’m strong
Poor in spirit,
you’re blessed
so we try to rejoice
consider ourselves worthy
for ours is the
Kingdom of
Choosing to believe
All things will
work out for good
There will be
a purpose
for everything
Or will you sit back
demand more and more
pay for the death
of your soul
with a life
spent on yourself
pretend this is it
take what you can
forgetting His death
and resurrection
will you endure
in your pain
will you find love
in the dark
will you choose life
from a cross
can you rejoice
in your suffering
if life here
is not all there is
Jesus knows what it’s like
to trade riches for rags
endure hardship
and suffering
But He didn’t give up
He came here to save you
Carried out Gods plan
to make all things new
His death brings you life
His resurrection brings hope
that out of this pain
something good will come
Surely we’ll see the
goodness of God
in the land of the living
He promised, He said
And someday soon
in the blink of an eye
We will meet Him
Up in the sky
live in a mansion
streets lined with gold
dance with the Savior
as He welcomes us home

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