Facebook post leads to arrests in cyberbullying suicide case – FOX 13 News

Facebook post leads to arrests in cyberbullying suicide case – FOX 13 News.

This is so sad.  Imagine yourself as a teenage girl, trying to fit in. Then your best friend steals your boyfriend. And people you thought were your friends turn on you. Everyone starts trashing you online. You start checking your FB page every few seconds to see what people are saying about you. And then someone says you should “drink bleach and die”.  And person after person hits the “LIKE” Button…30 people “like” this idea. How would you feel?

This teenager killed herself over it.


 Bullied online for over a year.

Her name was Rebecca Sedwick

         she was 12 Years old

Here is a video on what to do now:

Let us all make the effort to get involved in our children’s “online lives”.

Do you read your children’s Facebook page?

It’s not a choice anymore – “friend” me or no internet in my house.

Parents – let us stand up and be parents.

No more suicides. No more not knowing.

It’s not all roses anymore.

~just another mom, Diana~


  1. I remember this, it was heart breaking, happened not too far from me so it was all over local news. I see far too much evil coming against our little ones.

  2. Just read about this on an anti-bullying site. It’s tragic. And apparently the girl’s father is in complete denial. I don’t know what the answer is, but parents certainly need to start having some serious, daily conversations with their kids – about right and wrong behavior, about standing up to bullies, about saying, “STOP” when they see or hear about it, and about the absolute unimportance of someone else’s opinion of who God created you to be.

    • Amen Susan, let us all talk more to our children, and like you said, teach them to “be who God created them to be.” Every child is a gift, a treasure. Thank you for sharing with us.

  3. Many schools tell parents they should know their kids FB password. I think at the very least they should be friends with them on FB

  4. This stuff is so horrible isn’t it? I work with schools and facebook and other sites like ask.fm are such a huge nightmare for them. It can be hard to know how to help to be honest…

    • Wow, thank you PookyhH. I didn’t even know what ask.fm was so I looked it up. Another place for kids to get beat up on…help us Lord!

      • OH I know it’s awful. We’ve had suicides in the UK resulting from Ask.fm 🙁

  5. I am so sad about this. And I’m mad as hell, too!!!!
    I don’t know how to deal with the teen angst, I’m not there yet. Bu it’s just around the corner. I keep hoping for the rapture to come, before I have to tread those waters!!

    Did you know that over 40% of teens give their parents their facebook name, but then set up a separate account so the parent or relative can’t see what’s going on?

    Also one of the teens who pushed this girl to the brink, basically posted, Ya I did it. And I dgaf!!! Lovely. These are our young ones.
    What do we do?
    How do we reach a generation to let them know that there is nothing cool or glamorous about being a bully and a b-itch, like those
    Pretty Little Liars shows? How do we teach our kids to speak up; when you see something, say something?

    Rebecca is/was a beautiful little girl. But I have another question, and maybe someone here can help me with this:
    Why would an 11 year-old girl have a steady boyfriend that could be taken away from her? She’s like in 5th grade at that point. She was only in 6th/7th grade when she took her life?
    Relationships are grown up things….Am I that out of touch? Hormonally challenged? Totally idiotic? I can’t imagine I’d be easy to live with, as a mom, if my daughter even thought she had a ‘boyfriend’ and was in a ‘relationship’ at the age of 11.

    I don’t know.

    • Thank you t, it mad me mad too. And sad. I do know our kids have access to waaaayyyyy too much information with this Technology Age. And it seems there is no way to monitor it. No boundaries, no barriers – do what you want, when you want society. I don’t know the answers, just bringing up the questions. May God teach us all how to reach our children – when they are tethered to their phones/computers/iPads/iPods/iPhones and “I” devices.

  6. this sickens me – i have dealt with this for years – thanks to an ex-husband – i certainly know how far i have fallen inside due to such terrible actions – I could not imagine how a ‘kid’ could handle it. i am afraid to say that i would probably handle it in the same way.

    • I am so sorry you have had this happen. Help us know what to say to someone, or how to help. Thank you for your input words4jp.

  7. This is just so tragic. The reality is in our world today most teens WILL go online. If not at home then at school. And if it’s not facebook, it’s passing notes, texting, or just talking. I used to work at a school and some kids will find any way they can to bully others. Parents, teachers, coaches, ALL need to be involved in looking out for these kids and we need to teach our children to be aware of bullying going on around them too. So sad. Sending many prayers to her family.

    • I understand. I refused to join for years. This past year I changed my mind. I have teens at home. And after doing my research, 94% of teens ages 12-17 use the internet. For me, I wanted to be part of the equation. I wanted to have a voice. And, If I didn’t have an account I could not monitor theirs.

      More info about teens and social networks – “94% Of Teenagers Use Facebook, Have 425 Facebook Friends, But Twitter & Instagram Adoption Way Up”. Facebook Tops, Twitter & Instagram Growing
      According to the report, 95 percent of teens (12 – 17) use the internet, and 81 percent of them use social media sites. Facebook is by far the most heavily adopted social site, with 94 percent of social media teens reporting they have a profile there.”

      Source: http://marketingland.com/pew-the-average-teenager-has-425-4-facebook-friends-44847

  8. Just read this:

    “Sedwick then changed her Facebook handle to “That Dead Girl.”On September 9, she climbed a tower at an abandoned concrete plant and threw herself off to her death.”

    She changed her FaceBook NAME to ‘THAT DEAD GIRL” – and noone said anything…

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