Come and join the party!

April is National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo)


© 2013 D Rasmussen
homelessmanStanding on the corner, holding a cardboard sign,
Can you spare a dollar? It is cold out tonight.
You see for a moment and then you look away,
Do I really matter? You go on your way.
I’m clinging to my backpack, it’s all that I have.
I lost my hope awhile ago, now I’m just sad.
You saw me today, I like to walk by your house.
You look right through me here, like I am a ghost.
I ride the city bus, all day for just a buck.
I can look out the window, I’m down on my luck.
There is a seat next to me, but you turn your head.
Suddenly you decide you want to stand instead.
I find food at the shelter and sometimes a bed,
or if not, I see a big bridge just up ahead.
To you I don’t matter, I have nothing to give,
You really think this is how I want to live?
To you I’m a homeless man who you never knew.
What if I’m a diamond dressed in poverty?
Maybe I’m a great pearl hiding in this disguise.
What if I’m a treasure waiting to be renewed?
Why won’t you look at me, are you just afraid?
I might be a reflection of your own poverty.