You told me I couldn’t sing.

You told me I wasn’t holy and I had to throw out my jeans.

You told me it was my fault my husband cheated on me.

It is not my fault that my husband cheated on me with my best friend.

It is not my fault that her pillows were found in my house.

It is not my fault that you took his side and blamed me.

It is not my children’s fault either.

They did not choose to have their father leave.

He did that on his own.

They did not choose to be Fatherless.

He left years ago.

He chose not to be faithful.

He chose to follow his addictions.

That is not my fault either.

You told my friends not to talk to me.

You told them I was an unbeliever.

That was not true.

You shamed my children.

You told me that they were not worthy.

You told me I couldn’t play piano.

You made me think I was not worthy.

And that God would never love me…

You were wrong.

You told me my choice of husbands was wrong

and that we would never make it.

You were wrong.

My worth comes from God.

My value comes from God.

My children are blessed beyond belief by the Living God.

They have a double mantle and are chosen by the King of Kings.

He calls me precious.

He calls me Beloved and Worthy.

He forgives my sin and calls me new.

I am His and His alone-

You were wrong about me!

I am done with you –

you are a Narcissist, just like him.

Look in the mirror.

Forgive him Lord,

he knows not what he does.