imageWorship opens the door to His goodness. Today I will worship God despite my fears, despite my circumstances.


“When we ascend into the heavens, the atmosphere in earth changes. The land transforms.  A gate opens for our revelatory access…When we worship, we ascend, and heaven becomes a reality in the earth.  God has always had worshippers in every generation.  He is developing an army that will ascend, hear, descend, and then restore the wast places of the earth.”

Quotes from “Worship As It Is In Heaven”


  1. Great post! We must be on the right path. The enemy doesn’t care much when we aren’t serving the Lord. I know that God is always moving but there seems to be something different this time. Time to get up and fight. When the armies in the OT were on the move the worshipers went first 🙂 Great song! Have a blessed day my friend!

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