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Plans and Purpose

Plans. We all have them. Some end up for our good and others do not. I admit it, not all of my choices have been the best for me. That’s ok. God can help me make a new choice at any time I ask for help. God’s plans for us are better than any we…

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You’re the Picture on God’s Fridge

You’re the Picture on God’s Fridge ~Copyright 2015 Diana Rasmussen~ You’re the picture on God’s fridge He loves to color outside of the lines The mountains might be purple The sky it might be pink And God’s plans for you Are bigger than you think!     P.S. If you are Anywhere near Janesville, WI…

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Ready for Your Destiny?

Ready for your destiny? The door is open in Heaven. And as it is in Heaven, let it be done on Earth. Let’s get up, and walk THROUGH that Door of Destiny. You were born for such a time as this

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Awaken Dormant Dreams

Link for this video is https://vimeo.com/38810483 VIDEO NOTES Do you dream with God, do you share your hopes and dreams with Him? God wants you to dream! Do you think about the plans and dreams you have for the future? Will you sit at God’s feet and let him share HIS DREAM with you? What…

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