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Do you dream with God, do you share your hopes and dreams with Him?

God wants you to dream! Do you think about the plans and dreams you have for the future?

Will you sit at God’s feet and let him share HIS DREAM with you?

What are God’s desires for you, your family, your town, country, nation?

Will you let God download His dreams in your heart?

You are God’s family, You are his sons and daughters, it is VERY GOOD!

God put something in us to cause us to think this way! A creative force – let there be dreamers!

YOU are God’s outlet for HIS DREAMS!  We get to dream with Him, and we get to create it together!

God dreamed your destiny for you!

Will you dream so you can find His plans?

If you don’t let yourself dream, how can He accomplish His will?

He is the Author of Creation and Creativity – will you let God into your dreams?

God gets involved in the dreams, He put them in our hearts. God already dreamed the dream and put it there.

God took Abraham places:

Will you go to Shechem – and let God be the Lord of the Dream?  God wants to awaken the dormant dreams in you…

Will you go to Bethel – to the place of dreams? God wants family members to dream with…

Will you go to Hebron – the place of friendship/intimacy? God wants to share His dreams with His friends…

Will you go to Moriah – put Isaac on the altar, and let God test you?  Do you own the dream or do you let the dream own you?  Will you give the dream back to God? Moriah means “seen by God”.  God took Abraham to the place that represented His dreams.  Abraham and God dreamed together there. God got his dream back at Calvary – His family is restored back to his bosom.

Every time Abraham looked up and saw the stars, God showed him his family.  Our dreams are intertwined with God’s. And God asked Abraham what do you see? His response:

You see stars – I see my family

You see sand – I see a bride for my son

You see an altar – I see a cross

You see a ram – I see my son

And God brought His Son, and built an altar in the shape of a cross, and he uses our family to get His family back.  God put something in you that He needs to save His people and save the world.  

Has life, divorce, injury, abuse, loss, stolen your dreams? No more – it’s time to get that part of you back!


The prayer at the end – starts at 44:18, wow!


This video made me cry.  I realize I have let that part of me die as I hid in the darkness too long.

No more, I’m going to do what Dutch asks and let God show me His dreams for my life.

I never thought about GOD being a Dreamer!