Here Are Your Keys

From “HIS PRINCESS” by Sheri Rose Shepherd

Today we go meet our new landlord and get the keys to our new home. Got me thinking about keys. They open doors and loimageck doors. Each door has a different key. And when you close and lock one door, another key opens the next one.

When someone comes to our house and we are behind locked doors we have to goth the door, unlock it, and let them in. It’s the same way with the Lord. We all have rooms that aren’t clean yet, full of junk and dust bunnies. We all have stuff.  And man, I have a lot of junk downstairs. We have been living here at this place for 3 years. I really think I might need a dumpster, lol! I can’t help but think why are you holding on to this old stuff? So, making a new choice today – ditch it. All that old junk, I don’t need it anymore. It’s not a part of my future, and I can let it go!image

Today I am going to unlock those doors, and invite the Lord right into the middle of that messy room.  Let the Holy Spirit lead us and show me what to keep and what to throw away.  Just because something was part of my past does not mean it’s a part of my future.

The same is true in the Spiritual. There are places in my heart that I must let the Lord be the key. I have to choose to trust Him in the middle of my mess to come in. I hear him at the door of my heart. And He is knocking at yours too. Will you let Him in today?

Keys to the Kingdom

 My destiny is not defined by the borders of this property.
-Bob Rasmussen


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