Joy Unspeakable

Joy Unspeakable – even when life is falling down around you. Nowthat’s freedom!  My friend Susan Fox has an awesome 9 week Series about the Fruit of the Spirit based on Galatians 5.  Here is more info:

Starting on February 14, I’m going to launch a 9-week series on my blog on the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23). In each blog, I want to include a poem written by a poet who has a heart for the Lord. I’ve chosen 9 poets, and allowed the Spirit to choose randomly who might write on each of the “seeds” of that fruit.


I was one of her 9 Poets and the Holy Spirit chose the word ‘Joy’ for me.  That in itself is hilarious! He must have known I would be going through some things this week and have to ‘eat’ my own words, lol!

Here is an excerpt from Susan’s Blog today on Joy

Joy isn’t dependent upon things or circumstances. It is an intrinsic connection that is always there between you and the One who made you. This connection is the Spirit of truth, the one sent from Jesus and the Father to “teach you everything and will remind you of everything” Jesus told you. (John 14:17,26, 15:26)


Flowers of Joy

©2014 by Diana Rasmussen

There are seeds of joy
Planted in my heart
May not look like much
But this is only the start

They may be buried
Under black dirt and grime
But the Master Gardner
Put them deep inside

They didn’t come from a store
Not from a magazine
They were tears that God cried
Especially for me

Just when I thought
That He hadn’t seen
He planted those seeds
Inside my deepest despair

For every pain suffered
And in spite of abuse
He sowed in darkness
As He dug and He wept

The ground may be dark but
His light brings forth life
As despair cracks open
When new life and joy sprout

Sorrow sowed in the ground
Watered with God’s love
The tears that we cried
Bloom into flowers of JOY!

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Fruit of the Spirit


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