God Dreams?

“You may or may not be aware of it, but you have a dreaming nature. You inherited this part of your disposition from your Creator. He created us in His image and likeness so our hearts could relate to His and His dreaming heart could find millions of expressions. You were designed to dream and you must dream—both for yourself and for God. In fact, if you don’t dream with Him, He can’t experience all of His dreams, and you’ll never achieve your destiny.”
~ Dutch Sheets ~
(From the book: DREAM Discovering God’s Purpose For Your Life)
From: Pinterest
From: Pinterest


  1. Ms. D do you have God-dreams? I mean prophetic dreams or visions, like those described in Joel 2?

    • Thanks t, yes sometimes I have these type of dreams and visions too. I don’t always know what they mean, so I have to ask Him to help me understand. Or find it in the Word. And God will show me what to pray for or what to pray against. I have seen and felt a lot of “Spirit” things, but then I have known a lot of Spirits in my past!

      • Cool. I feel disconnected in that sense. I would like to, but it doesn’t happen to me.

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