EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique for Anxiety

Psalm 147:3
Have you ever suffered from anxiety attacks? I recently learned about EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) from a Child Counselor. A child I know was under attack from negative emotions. I called the Crisis line after this child was crying uncontrollably for hours. Nothing I could say or do seemed to help. EFT is a way to break the negative thoughts and I have seen it work immediately.

Using their own fingertips, you have the child do a simple tapping exercise, either on the side of their hand or their knees, and repeat a positive statement repeatedly. I chose the statement:

“God loves me and I love myself.”

It stops the spinning, changes the negative thoughts, and it works! Seriously. I was very skeptical to try this. I did not want to open the door to anything that is not from God. I want the WORD. Now I am not going all weird on you here. I believe that Jesus is the Healer. And all good and perfect gifts come from Him. Speaking the WORD of God over our bodies is a great idea. Especially for those of us who have lived through deep trauma and abuse. The WORD heals! Thank you Jesus!

Here is the WORD put to music…

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  1. I love the video but the music cut off in the beginning… the like button won’t light – sheesh…:-)

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